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101 when it comes to DETANGLING waves and curls

101 when it comes to DETANGLING waves and curls

All curlies and wavies know what happens when you attempt to run a brush through dry hair, or at least for me i have child and teenage memories and photos of the outcome. When you start the Curly Girl Method you’ll likely side step the brush all together.

When should you detangle?
Depending on your texture and curl type but the majority rule is on wash days, which should be approximately every 7 or 8 days if not shorter.

Wet or Dry?
My best advice try both. I have always wet detangled and using running water, sectioning my hair and plenty of product to help BUT in the last 2 months i have taken to dry finger detangling and wow my hair loves it. I gave it a whirl as an experiment and couldn't believe how well my hair responded, my advice give both a go.

Pay attention to how your hair is responding if it stretches a lot when you are detangling you need to be very careful as you do not want to cause breakage, if this is the case try dry finger detangling to see if it stretches less to avoid breakage and help length retention especially for finer hair. And vice versa Dry to Wet detangling.

Wet Detangling (this takes me less time but i do see a lot more stretch, pull and tugging so i opt for dry finger detangling when i can)

Always start at the bottom and work your way up.
If your hair is very tangly apply Its Rich before Co-washing to aid the process, and after if need be
Co-wash first as detangling prior to co-washing or after you’ve rinsed out the product will waste good conditioner and may re-tangle with your scalp massage.
Co-wash, massage the scalp for 3-5 minutes, then start to detangle.
Separate your hair into smaller easier to tackle sections, using a crop clip if necessary.
Use the pressure of running water to help the knots and smooth out your curls
Reapply small amounts of co-wash (ours has great slip) and more water to help
Detangle from the ends to mids to roots
Once detangles always wash out all of the dirty co-wash

Dry finger detangling (This takes me approximately 8 minutes and I find strangely relaxing)

I use Tonic 1-2 drops rubbed throughout my hands starting at the ends working my way up to the roots.
I separate my hair into sections using a crocodile clip
If the underneath of my hair is particularly tangly I apply a pea sized amount of It’s Rich warmed in my palms
Co-wash as normal continuing to detangle with my fingers. Using the pressure of the water and rinsing all of the Co-Wash out.

Remember warmer water opens the cuticles within your hair so try to co-wash with warmer water but rinse with cooler water.

Tools and products

Most of us agree that your fingers are the best tool.
However, if you are starting out and struggling to ditch everything at the click of your fingers (I totally get it and gave up things over time and worked towards everything rather than going cold turkey)

Tangle Teezers (Try and give up up long term)
Wide Tooth Comb (Comes in our kits)
Co-Wash (Comes in our kits and has great slip)
Tonic or Seal It (Both come in the Ultimate Kit)

Remember if it hurts you are damaging your curls, go slowly and your curls will thank you for it.


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