5 ways to works with curls 

5 ways to works with curls 

Don't let your hair hold you back! Being active is good for the mind, body and soul and wont effect the health of your hair if you follow these tips. 

  1. Pineapple pineapple pineapple add a silk scarf for the day and you’re done. If your hair is longer like mine use a coiled band and a crop clip to secure in place (video in CGM Club)
  2. Find some up do’s you're comfortable with 
  3. If you work out once of twice a week make those your wash days
  4. Take the opportunity to deep condition and top knot or braid your pony tail followed by a full wash day feeling fresh as a daisy.  
  5. If its not wash day snd you need to refresh then steam can be your friend.  Take your hair down after your workout let it breathe. Jump in the steamy shower let your hair soak it up, then pop up in a pineapple whilst you do your thing.  Get dressed. Unleash your curls, assess, at this point you have two clear options.  

Dry refresh (If you don't have huge frizzy patches you can dry refresh)  Use some leave in if you have tufty ends, tame throughout, tonic scalp massage) 

Wet refresh ( Okay it looks crazy, you can either jump straight in to our quick 5 minute wash the all in first wash and let air dry or hoover diffuse) Or you can wet your hair enough to apply product. 

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