6 things you can do to accelerate your Curly/Wavy Success

6 things you can do to accelerate your Curly/Wavy Success

6 things you can do to accelerate your Curly/Wavy Success

1. Stop trying to nail the perfect curl day (I know this sounds crazy BUT hear me out.) When you’re seeking perfection you miss the successes you are already achieving. So, if you’ve stopped using shampoo, stopped using sulphates, silicones then give yourself a cheer because you’re doing more towards your perfect hair days than ever before!

2. Hands up who’s plowing through products like there’s no tomorrow? You don't need too. The biggest thing you can do is KISS Keep it simple susan! Why? Because your hair is going to react with each and every change. You need to add one thing or take one thing away at a time. I know it’s difficult and it can be frustrating but the best results come from finding out what your hair needs and using 15 different things on rotation isn't necessary. This doesn't mean you can’t experiment but it does mean you can't keep jumping from one to another. Try and use products that work well together.

3. Clue up on techniques, the first wash wash day is what we teach first, it is the best sure fire way to distribute your products evenly. This is why so many of our clients have quick success, then we build on other ways your hair may respond well to. When you are using your products ensure your hair is wet enough, you’re using enough product and not too much and apply it using different techniques to see how your hair reacts. Ours live in the CGM Club.

4. Consistency is key, we hear this sooo much as adults that it's no surprise that it applies here. Stop being a magpie and stick to the following. Co-Wash, a Leave-In product and Styling product without the nasties, we call these the trio of essentials.

5. Assess, assess, assess is your hair crying out for moisture? Is it needing more hold? Is it needing more massage of the roots when co-washing? Consistently taking note of what your hair needs will really be a game changer.

6. Know that what you are doing right now will benefit you in the months to come! The way you feel about your hair will change. Your confidence in your hair will change. Take a moment to take a selfie today, or look in the mirror and compare that to just a few months ago.

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