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Newsletter January 2021

Newsletter January 2021
Happy New Year curly girls and boys! It’s that time of year when we all reflect on our lives and think about how we can improve ourselves.

New Year’s Resolutions inevitably involve change - but have you noticed how many involve you wanting to change the way you look?

Most curlies will have experienced the feeling of wanting to change their hair at some point - any girl who was a teenager in the 90s when GHDs and ‘The Rachael’ cut were at the height of their popularity certainly have! . Who hasn’t admired the shampoo-ad shine of a straight-haired friend at some point or drooled over a smooth, swinging curtain of poker-straight hair on a TV show or music video? Who, before the CGM Club revolution, hasn’t gone out with crispy noodle-like hair, or been compared to a poodle, or desperately spent hours straightening their tresses only for the curls to rebel at the slightest hint of moisture or humidity in the air? Of course, for people of colour issues related to their natural textured hair can be ten-fold, and prejudice at work or school often lead to painful chemical straightening treatments, wigs or weaves.

But now we curlies are fighting back! By learning the best way to care for our curls - whatever their type - and bringing out their full potential, we are finally embracing our waves, spirals, curls and coils, and owning them instead of trying to change them.

This month we’re going to be looking at all of the ways in which curly hair is unique and how it makes us our authentic selves.

Curly Hair: The Facts

Whether your hair is curly, straight, or somewhere in-between, it has two main components: the shaft and the follicle. The shaft is the flowing strand that you can see on your head, and the follicle is the bit that lives within the skin of your scalp. It is the shape of these follicles that determines your hair’s texture. The follicle of straight hair is perfectly round, while curly hair follicles are oval. The flatter the oval is the curlier the hair.

Although a single gene hasn’t been found to be solely responsible for curly (or straight!) hair, it has been long established that curly hair is a dominant trait, and straight hair is recessive.

Why then, do curlies sometimes have such a hard time embracing and loving their twirly tendrils?

Curly hair is often seen as ‘messy’, ‘unruly’ and ‘unprofessional’, which leads to curlies (generally women) straightening their hair. Hollywood doesn’t do a lot to dispel that idea - the curly haired character is almost always the ‘kooky friend’, ‘new age, mystical hippie-type’ or the villain; but never the lead - unless the film calls for a transformation montage of course! In which case the ‘bad’ hair (curly), will inevitably become ‘good’ hair (straight) and now she’ll get the guy! Yay!*
(*eye roll)

Of course, times change, and curly hair has fallen in and out of favour over the years - from the 1500s when curly haired people were not to be trusted as it was thought that hair curled due to the sins or evil within a person to today’s natural hair movement, the preference for the movement and volume that waves and curls offer, and the understanding of the damage that constant flat-ironing can do to our hair.

Reasons To Embrace Your Curly Hair

Your relationship with your hair is a very individual and personal one, and embracing your curly hair can be a longer journey for some than others.

If you’re still not quite there with loving your curls and coils (although we hope that with our help you’re getting there!), here are some reasons you should!

It’s Quicker!

Ok, if you’re just starting out it might not feel like wearing your hair as nature intended is quicker than running the straighteners over it every morning, but as you practice and perfect your routine you’ll soon realise that just letting your hair ‘do its thang’ is a lot less time consuming than blow-drying, round-brushing and flat-ironing, or spending time in the salon chair having a weekly blow-out.

You’d better start planning what you’re going to do with all of that extra free time!

It’s Healthier!

If you’ve ever flat-ironed your hair you’ll know that it normally looks the picture of health straight afterwards - shiny, glossy, perfect….however, constantly heating your hair will result in dryness and split ends - which is part of the reason you might not be seeing the growth you want!

Also, if you’ve spent years smothering your locks in serums and creams packed with chemicals in an attempt to ‘tame’ your hair, it can have adverse effects over time. Instead treat your curls with deep conditioners and treatment/styler hybrids, such as Tame, our popular frizz eliminator to help control your curls and regain some hair health!

You Won’t Blend Into The Background!

Nothing is more eye-catching than a head of beautiful, healthy curls; and in a sea of poker straight hair curls are different, alluring and special. Curly hair exudes personality, youth and confidence, and who doesn’t want all those things! - plus it’ll make you feel more like Beyonce, which can only be a good thing!

They’re The Best Accessory You Can Have!

When you’re a curly there’s no need to find the ideal bracelet or statement necklace to finish off an outfit - you already own the perfect finishing touch to any look - your curls!

Wearing a floaty floral maxi or jumpsuit? - with curls you instantly look like a bohemian goddess! Jeans and a simple t-shirt? - you look effortlessly sexy and cool. An up-do will always look romantic and pretty, a bun will always look show-stopping, and even a simple ponytail will have that ‘wow’ factor - why do you think so many straight-haired celebs curl their hair for red-carpet events?

Because they want what YOU naturally have!

You’re Good To Go Whatever The Weather!

If you’ve ever straightened your hair, chances are that once the arduous task was complete you would spend the rest of the day avoiding water at all costs! - a sudden downpour, or even a little light drizzle was the stuff of nightmares….baths not showers were the order of the day (with the window open of course lest the steam ruin your sleek mane….even sweating at the gym was a big no no....

But when you have curls you are free - caught in the rain? The salty sea air whipping your tendrils into a frenzy during a day on the coast? - no problem, if anything it could even enhance the natural beauty of your curls! So be free! Viva la curls!!

Remember; no two curlies are the same, so embrace your uniqueness - your curls are part of who you are, and at the CGM Club we are dedicated to helping you continue to make the most of your gorgeous crowning glory!


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