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CGM Club Affiliate Joining

CGM Club Affiliates

Hello and a huge welcome to CGM Club affiliates! 

This is a new programme for you, our customers to benefit from your own curl journey by sharing your own experience with your audience. 

To become an CGM Club affiliate you must:

➰ Have purchased and used a full CGM Club Kit

💕 Have shared your inspirational story with us, including before and after photos to be used on our website blog

💛 We will help you in our dedicated Facebook group, to share your story, have a group of your own to help others and receive 15% paid to you on the 25th of each month for the value of the orders placed using you unique url.  (url is a website address)

** You can either take payments in advance from your local customers and make a large order to distribute yourself using your own unique url code.


** You can also receive the same 15% for customers who purchase directly using your url code.

The 15% financial payment is processed by paypal directly to you and is for the sum of all orders on the 25th of each month. Order sums do not include postage costs.

To register as an affiliate please click:

Join our CGM Club affiliates here