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I'm Heather and I help people like you, skip most of the trial and error around curl care, learn more about your curls, how to manage them and change how you FEEL about them, Ready?

Ready to work together to achieve your hair goals?

Whether you have been straightening your hair for years, consider yourself a Curly Girl Pro or are the chief hairdresser to your little curlies in your home, you will find a suitable fit to your needs below.

➰   Want to make the most of your curls?  

➿   Want to simply understand how to get started?  

〰️   Want to explore new techniques?

All of our kits INCLUDE the 🧴 products, tools AND 📹  guidance with access to our CGM Club tutorials either via our app or directly on our website.  Simply sign in with the details you made your purchase with.  


CGM Club is full of easy to follow videos starting with how to wash your hair and get better results.  All you need to do is purchase a kit and log in to start learning. 

📚 You’ll have instant access to our ebook The Curly Girl Survival Guide a quick 30 page read and over 50+ how to videos,  I share everything from how to wash your hair with the 🧴  products in your kit to, how to manage next day curls and more!

If this sounds like exactly what you need, choose your kit below:

Curly Girl Method Kit: Choose a kit best suited to your needs and receive EVERYTHING you need to reach you hair goals.

Pro Kit:   You're a pro, you get the abbreviated terms, plop, sotc, dc, and so on.  You've been following the method for a while.  You've got most things nailed and are looking to keep on track without constantly reviewing ingredients? We've got you covered.  

Or our Kids Kit everything you need excluding styling products.


Heather 💗 

CGM Club xx

P.S.  You save 15% with our kits, send us a before and after photo to receive a 20% off code too!