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Dry Hair 8


What is it? - Featherlight oil.
What does it do?- Offers serious shine and excellent deep conditioning to battle dry hair
When should I use it? - Whilst Deep Conditioning or after your Leave In Conditioner in your washday routine or to SOTC.

Directions for use: After Co-Washing, apply Leave-In Conditioner working it through your wet hair evenly with fingers. Use on dry hair to touch up frizz and flyaway.

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What is it? - Deep Conditioning treatment
What does it do? - Recovers and replenishes your curls it richly conditions and quenches the thirst of curly hair. High in fatty acids it softens, smooths and protects curls from sunlight & pollution.  
When should I use it? - Based on your hair test results, from weekly to monthly.

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