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 What is the curly girl method? 

 What's in the Curly Girl Starter kit?

Your find your copy of The Curly Girl Survival Guide, a quick 30 page read at the bottom of this page which includes -


What is it? - A cleansing shampoo

What does it do? - Removes any silicones, sulphates, waxes, non-natural mineral oils from your hair to get started with the Curly Girl Method.

When do it use it? - At the beginning of your journey.

It can also be used if in future you use a hair product that is not Curly Girl friendly.

 Co WASH - 

What is it? - A single, life-changing product used for Co-Washing.

What does it do? - It gently cleanses, richly conditions and has great slip for detangling.

When do I use it? - In place of shampoo.


When you start the Curly Girl Method you ditch shampoo. You'll start co -washing. Co - Washing is washing you're hair with a Curly Girl safe conditioner. Apply directly to the roots, scalp, mids and ends. You are not using the chemicals in shampoo to break down the dirt so you must do so manually. Focus on the areas that get oily. Massage really thoroughly for 3-5 minutes, its much longer than you think! Try doing so to at least two songs on the radio! Use your scalp massager to help too. Rinse all of the co-wash from your hair, it's dirty so rinse thoroughly. You may have heard that cooler water helps reduce frizz and it's TRUE - but you must Co - Wash with warmer water, then rinse with cooler water once your hair is all clean.


What is it? - The added help to manually washing your hair over using harsh sulphates.

What does it do? - Massaging releases dirt or product build up, plus it feels good.

When do I use it? - Whilst Co-Washing.


What is it? - A leave in conditioner.

What does it do? - It restores curls with a balanced pH. Herbal complex strengthens the hair shaft without build up or flakiness leaving manageable shiny curls.

When should I use it? - After Co-Washing


What is it? - Non-sticky hold gel.

What does it do? - All day frizz control, curl definition and incredible hold, without flakiness or build-up.

When should I use it? - After Leave In Conditioner.


What does it do? - Helps create curl clumps.

When should I use it? - Only on wash day.


What does it do? - Microfibres best for curls. It includes a built-in loop to secure the towel in place, allowing you to plop in a hassle-free way.

When should I use it? - On wash day.


 My advice when you receive the Kit  

It's a good idea to take a picture of your hair, right now!

Set alarms for 2 and 4 weeks, and then 3 months and keep us updated of your progress. We'd love to see!


 First Wash

 Whoops Yes or No? 

 How to plop

 Removing the plop

 Avoid this when plopping

 Drying Options



 Winter Curl Hacks


Swimming With Curls 

Wearing a swim cap is the ultimate protection, but I know you may not want to do that : )

If you struggle to get a swim cap on can put some conditioner on the inside to help slide it into place.

If swim caps aren’t your thing:


The best way to combat chlorine is firstly to saturate hair with clean water before entering the pool, because if its wet with clean water its less likely to soak up the chlorine.

Immediately after swimming wash your hair with warmer water to rid your hair of any chlorine.


Deep condition more frequently to help manage any drying.

If you feel the chlorine is building up in your hair either use our detox and or Co Wash Plus.

 Going to the Hairdresser


 How I cut my hair at home

I’ve been asked a number of times about how i cut my hair,  i do it myself,  I’ve had a few “hair raising experiences”.  Ive uploaded a video below to talk you through how i do it.  It is not intended to encourage you to home hair cut,  it genuinely is just sharing what i do. I had some pretty bad experiences with unicorn cuts etc so if you do have to home hair cut like we’ve had to with all the lockdowns or finances then i hope in these cases it help.

 What do we Avoid and Why


 E-Book Survival Guide