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Next Day Curls 6


What is it? - A continuous fine mist spray bottle in white or pump action in Pink.

What does it do? - It dampens hair enough to style, restyle or refresh.

 Volume refresh in next day curls & volume 

 Refresh Ultimate


Dry Refresh 

What is a dry refresh?  Well, in short if its not broken don't fix it!  If you have sleep protection nailed you may not even need to refresh at all,  have a look, is it passable?  Give it 10 minutes to ’settle’. If you have patch of frizz its the wet refresh you’re after using your refresh bottle BUT if generally its good then onwards with they,  the absolute joy of nailing wash day and sleep protection gives you this luxury.  IF NOT, you’ll see me on Facebook and instagram doing a quick dry refresh before the school run.  I use Tonic for root lift,  1-2 drops rubbed between my palms and then give yourself a quick scalp massage (great to stimulate hair growth too). Then if you’ve got a bit of halo frizz, you’ll need just a squirt or two of tame and you’re aiming to get those pesky frizziest back in line,  so just tease them gently down along the natural length of your hair, done! 

 Refresh all over or Curl by Curl

 Wet Refresh

 Rescuing fluffy curls 


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