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Detox 100ml is pre-wash product made with 100% natural ingredients designed to break down build up prior to washing. It makes a huge difference with oily roots after just one wash, giving weightless curls.
What is it? - A pre-wash treatment.
What does it do? - Breaks down build up and oils. 
When should I use it? - Before washing.
Directions for use:  Spray on roots and leave 5 minutes prior to washing.



What is it? - A 3 in 1 Cleanse, Clarify and Condition.

What does it do? - This offers a bit more cleansing and clarifying than our standard co-wash.  It helps bridge the gap in the transition phase by helping to cleanse and clarify whilst moving towards co-washing.

When should I use it? - In place of shampoo. If you experience build up. If you are struggling with oily scalp or transition.

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