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Sleep Protection 5

 Sleep Protection



What does it do? - The smooth silky fabric absorbs less moisture and less friction compared to a cotton pillowcase. Keeping hair hydrated and reducing frizz whilst you sleep.

Great if you're focusing on length retention and hair growth.


What does it do? - The same as the satin pillowcase AND keep curls intact overnight, speeding up your morning hair routine. Designed with a wide soft and comfy elasticated band, which holds the turban in place. One size fits all. There’s plenty of room inside the bonnet for ALL curl types.

To be worn with the smooth fabric inside, they are warm enough without being double lined.


What does it do? -  Holds your hair in place and protects your hair whilst you sleep.

Directions for use: Use this at night to protect and contain your curls. Open the tube and pull it over your head leaving it on your neck like a scarf. Then pull the it back over your head to cover your curls, like a tall hat that keeps all you hair in place. Carefully remove in the morning, fluff & go!




What is it? - A curly friendly hair tie.

What does it do? - Offers up styles that don't crush your curls.

To be used at night to pineapple and protect your curls whilst you sleep.

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