Curly Girl Pro Kit

You're a pro, you get the abbreviated terms, plop, sotc, dc, and so on.  You've been following the method for a while.  You've got most things nailed and are looking to keep on track without constantly reviewing ingredients? 

We've got you covered.  Not only do returning customers get 15% off everything you add to your Curly Girl Pro Kit you also get access to CGM Club for helpful how-to videos of techniques, hints, help, and tips.  

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Customer Reviews

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Leanne Lovesy
Really great results so far

The pro kit is perfect for topping up on my wash day essentials and start introducing new items.

The sleep cap is a great fit, I’m a really wiggly sleeper but it stays on all night without the band feeling tight.

About a month in and my hair has been totally transformed already. I actually feel excited to see the results on wash day and can’t wait to see what the next few months bring!

Lynne Moody
Pro Kit

Love the fact I can purchase exactly what I need and receive a discount

Vicki Wilson
Love the transformation

Used products for around a year now, pro kit was amazing let me experience all the products and work out what works best for me. Can't recommend highly enough.

Which country you live in: Scotland
Which kit you purchased: Intermediate kit
What your best advice would be: Don't plop for too long 5 mins is enough
What is your trick or trick that works for you:I get better curls using casting queen than style it. I also love the height that tonic gives my hair.
What didn’t work for you: Plopping for too long gives me a flaky scalp.
Anything you’d like to add: Be kind to yourself, curls will come with love and patience oh and following CGM club
Regards Vicki

Silvia Calvia

Curly Girl Pro Kit

Nic M
Curly Girl Method Pro Kit

This kit is perfect for anyone that has been using cgmc products and knows exactly which products work for them!! I love the fact that when you add a minimum of 3 products to your basket then you automatically save 15%!!