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Refresh It Bottle

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What is it? - A continuous fine mist spray bottle 200ml.

What does it do? - It dampens hair enough to style, restyle or refresh.

This tool will revolutionise the way you refresh you next day curls and or style right side up.  Its a tool that gives a continuous spray,  just fill with water.


Limited Stock,  when they're gone, they're gone 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Refresh bottle is amazing

I love that I can section and wet my daughters hair quickly without constantly pumping a regular spray bottle.. I mix leave in conditioner with warm water as suggested and it works like a charm!

Fiona Falsey
Surprisingly fabulous

I did wonder why this was so expensive for a bottle that sprays water however when I got it I see why. It sprays the water in a long continual spray so you get better coverage of your hair and this is especially helpful with curly hair. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. My life is so much easier for a post wash refresh. I wouldn’t be without it. It is quite big and I ended up refreshing the water every time. Just a preference. But the size means it’s easy to hold. Not a negative.

A bottle like no other.

Bought this with an offer and what a deal. Who would have thought it could be so different from other spray bottles. It creates a fine mist that sprays for a few seconds with each pump. This means you can cover more hair easier and quicker.
So if you’re needing to revive your curls rather than washing again it’s perfect. Lightweight too . I end up refilling the water each time just to make sure it’s fresh.