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Start Co Washing

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Let's revive your curls and waves.  We'll ditch the shampoo (you don't have to go cold turkey).  This little duo will give you the opportunity to explore the world of the  Curly Girl Method Club.  

You'll receive this Co Wash with a our Curly GIrl Method Club soft scalp massager.  This duo will change the way you wash your hair and start to let it regain the hydration that simply using a shampoo & conditioner combo doesn't provide.  

What is it?  A new way of washing,  no longer using silicones, sulphates and other ingredients that aren't best for waves & curls.  

How do I use it?  Use the Co Wash or Co Wash Plus in place of shampoo.  Using the scalp massager to ensure you're manually cleaning your scalp and hair without using ingredients that are drying for our hair. 




Customer Reviews

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Morgan Anderson
Loving it

Love the product and definitely helping my journey, just feeling my hair is quite greasy with the transition so may need to try cowash+