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Eeeek,  the time to ticking away until I launch our brand new shiny range!  I have been working in this very moment for 6years.   I have invested my soul into making our curl care easier.  This does not mean I have a 2nd range,  nope,  that would've been a great money maker BUT that's not what I'm here for - I have reformulated every single one of our products,  refined them, fine tuned them with every single piece of feedback I've received from you all!  I have tested 100's of formulations.  I have been scrupulous in my quest to offer to you want you want & need at a value and look that I would absolutely NEED to buy for me and a friend and probably my mum too! 

💖 There's something in it for you too for supporting us too, a lovely treat from us to say thank you!

I have built a HUGE community of over a 1/4 of a million, THAT blows my mind,  I know how to break down the start of the Curly Girl journey for you and create success for you in your curl care. 

💖 We would LOVE your support in bringing our new range live to the real world and we KNOW you are also bursting at the seams to receive them.  Be the first and reap the rewards of the hard work PLUS they look incredible!  

💖 Be the first to get your hands on our new range of hair products 

💖 I'm Heather and I am obsessed with making curls and waves easier,  I am the founder of the Curly Girl Method Club 2017 and my unique offering of multi-use products for all curl and wave types alongside our CGM Club tutorials to learn technique & support from us will give you the results you need and teach you sooo much along the way.

💖 I promise to always offer to you a limited range of products that can be used in a multiple amount of ways to achieve what you need and the results you desire.  My multi-use, value for money range that I myself exclusively use and love and would buy for myself & want as much as you all do.

💖 Supporting our Pre-Order campaign will help us invest in the next 3 products that we are in the process of re-developing: Curl Refresh,  Detox,  Bounceback to name just a few!  Alongside the long awaited salon kits and core products in salons too!  We have GRAND plans but it may not be possible without your support. 

Supporting us means that the day these huge pallets arrive with our very new, shiny, beautiful, vibrant, incredible products,  they will be shipped to you,  you'll be the FIRST to receive them and the first to support us 🙌

👏 I'd like to offer many ways to support us and to be the 1st!  

📅 12th December is the BIG DAY just in time for those Christmas gifts and treats for you.

*Sidenote:  We are made in the UK - how cool is it?

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Support Us and Our New Range

£5.00 GBP

Is CGMC right for me?

The Curly Girl Method Club is for anyone who wants to enhance their natural curls, and is suitable for all hair types - from soft beachy, mermaid waves, to the tightest coils. Our team of curl-experts have done all the hard work for you, sourcing and developing silicone and sulphate-free formulas that will bring optimum health and beauty to your curls.

Why Our Customers Love Us!

When you join The CGM Club you’re not just getting a hair care system - you’re getting a whole curly support system! 

Via our exclusive members club and across social media, our CGM Club members have become a curly family - supporting one another, sharing progress photos, and celebrating each and everyone’s curls! 

And, you’ll find our team is at the helm, guiding you on your way and talking application techniques, styling tricks, and how to get the most from our products.

Looking to find out how our customers rate us? We have so many 5 star reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Join the CGM Club

The Curly Girl Method Club has members all over globe, and they love to share their inspirational stories with us! Seeing our members embrace their hair after finding the method and products that have taken them from flat and frizzy to fabulous is the reason we do this, and we strive to do our very best to ensure that we pass on all the knowledge we have gleaned through years of trial and error to as many curlies as possible!

We share this wealth of information, not only through over 52 videos, tutorials and product write-ups, but also via our e-book - available free to club members - an indispensable, step-by-step guide to caring for your curls. Find out about moisture/protein balance, how to protect your curls while you sleep, and how to extend your wash day to second or third day curls, and beyond! We want to give you the confidence to own, embrace and rock your healthy, wild, amazing, incredible hair. Because it’s not just hair - it’s a lifestyle!

Join Here

P.S.  You save 15% with our kits, plus send us a before and after photo to receive a 20% off code too!

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Curly Girl Method Club Owner

Hello... I’m Heather

I spent years hating my hair,  it was hard work, often painful to brush, often up sooo tight to try and 'iron out' the kinks and I would straighten my hair for any “special” event... that was until I learnt to embrace my curls. This is the reason I launched my 150,000+ community, the CGMC, to help women like you change the way you feel about your curls forever!

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Our team of curl-experts have done all the hard work for you, sourcing and developing silicone and sulphate-free formulas that will bring optimum health and beauty to your curls.



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