3 Months Supply - Intermediate Kit

  • £159.99
Towel Upgrade

Our 3 month supply, Intermediate Kit-  includes 23 items to help you bring those curly to life. This Package gives you the opportunity to buy now pay later and have 3 months supply. 

You'll have everything you need to excel in, Co-washing and styling your hair in a new way. The kit covers everything from Co-Washing to product build-up, frizz management, protein and moisture balance and so much more.  We'll teach you this in our CGM Club members area.  

  1. CGM Club access for 3 months full of how-to videos and help.  PLUS supporting emails with helpful videos with perfect timing to troubleshoot the beginning of your journey.
  2. Whoops 50ml
  3. CoWash 250ml x3
  4. Leave-In Conditioner 250ml x3
  5. Style It 100ml x3
  6. Wide Tooth Comb
  7. Refresh Bottle
  8. Coiled Band
  9. Treat It 30ml x3
  10. Scalp Massager
  11. Detox 100ml
  12. Seal it 30ml
  13. Bounce Back protein Treatment
  14. Tonic Scalp Treatment
  15. Tame Frizz Eliminator
  16. Plush Microfibre plopping hair towel 

Choose either our Microfibre Towel or Upgrade to our Premium Waffle Hair Towel.

All of our products are curly girl method safe: No silicones, no sulphates, no drying alcohols, no waxes, no non-natural oils. You’ll find our full list of ingredients here.

    Customer Reviews

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    Couldn’t be happier. Thank you 🙏

    Kellie - Australia

    I started the CGM as my curls were getting more and more stretched out and fuzzy. I never new what my hair would look like after each wash. I never blow dried my hair or straightened it. It was just getting harder to have a good hair day. I purchased the beginner kit. I saw massive improvements in the condition of my hair almost immediately. However I retained a halo of frizz. I moved onto the Intermediate kit and realised after watching all the new videos available to me that my hair requires heavy products and lots of moisture. Using Treat It 4 weekly, generous amounts of the gorgeous leave in conditioner plus (even when dry) Its Rich. They immediately changed my hair from a frizz halo to defined curl clumps! The 2 after pics are the first time they appeared. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you 🙏
    With the new routine I do find I can still get frizz but I get way less of it.

    I live in Southern Australia which has a very dry climate with lots of sun and I find I need to add lots of moisture to combat the dry weather conditions.