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The Ultimate Curly Girl Method Journey Experience Tuesday 13th September

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Level Up Your Cure Care And Boost Your Confidence with our all new group experience.  
The Ultimate Curly Girl Method Journey Experience: For Absolute Beginners with Heather x
A 4week totally transformational group experience where I will show how to stop the damage, remedy past hair care routines, uncover your hairs true potential, breakthrough to your own wash day successes which will turn in wave and curl confidence.

*You must purchase a Curly Girl starter Kit to join this group experience.

Get ready to wash & go with healthier hair.

Hi, I’m Heather, founder of Curly GIrl Method Club.  Since 2017 I have been helping women achieve big confidence wins with their wash days and general hair health, growth and hair goals.  

That's me on the left when i used to bleach and straighten my hair to oblivion,  that's also me on the right where i'm daring to be 100% me,  curly red head! 

I believe that it's truly possible to have predictable hair days and manage this with little time over time. 

And I believe it because we’ve had 5,481 client transformations so far!  And we are only just beginning....

Through my own journey and thousands of hours coaching others in a straight talking, no faff way I have discovered short cuts to long term curl and wave success. 

The The Ultimate Curly Girl Method Journey Experience compliments our Curly GIrl Starter Kit perfectly. You must have one to join our group experience as we will be talking about and using our unique combination of items included in the kit.  You'll have everything you need to get started: Conditioners, Styler, Towel, Comb, over 5 years experience from me too for 4 weeks and much more.

✨🛍If you want to feel confident with your waves or curls, now is your time.

You'll be joining our huge community of 250,000 across social media.

We need to unlearn a lot,  unlearn the stereo types of curls being unruly & re learn that we do have awesome hair and we can make it work for us and gain in confidence with it.

Are you ready to dare to be you,  waves & curls and all ......

I work with women with hair like you every day.  You may even have started the curly girl method then lost your way,  you may be totally new,  you may really love your straighteners but know deep down that you want to stop damaging your hair with heat!  You could spend the next 5 years figuring it out for yourself,  but you want to turn this around in as little time as possible right?  

This is the first of our one of a kind experience.  I have decided it's time to be braver,  bolder and help even more people than we have before!  I have worked with client's 121’s since the beginning with roaring success but as we have grown I have  struggled to offer that service to more than 20-30clients a month.  With such a huge community it's going to be great to reach more people at once, still offering the same great service and transformations and adding a greater sense of community,  greater access to my knowledge,  others experiences too.

Do you…
  • Wish you could manage frizz
  • Feel like your curls / waves aren’t good enough 
  • Feel like you tried but it didn’t work 
  • Know that your hair is getting damaged by constant heat styling 
  • Struggle to know what to do and therefore need to ask questions 
  • Struggle with build up 
  • Can't get your next day curls right

Any of this sound like you? 
  • You’ve invested over and over again in any products or that and not had the results 
  • Bought the next new curly product only to not be sure how to use it 

What would it be like:
  • If you felt confident confident in a wash & go 
  • Confident in spending a little longer on your hair to make it pop for a wedding or event 
  • To know just what do when things go a bit off track

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Nicola - CGMC products will make your life so much simpler - Heather does the leg work for you!

Sarit - Bye Bye Frizz

Miss GSurprisingly good - I'm a sceptic glass half full look on things, but this works

The Ultimate Curly GIrl Method Journey Experience is not for you IF - 
You want to try all the new instagram trends without covering the basics
Cannot commit to a minimum of 4 wash days in a 4week period

Whats included?

*You must purchase a Curly Girl starter Kit to join this group experience.
Powerful 4 week immersive, supported experience within our group with:
  • Weekly pre-recorded tutorials released on Mondays so where ever you are in the world you have the week to do them.
  • Weekly Q&A where we request all of your questions in advance, discuss this minute challenges relevant to all clients in the group taking part.
  • Support to cover everything within your kit now and the future of your hair care.
  • All questions answered and supported 
  • Each area of wave & curl care covered across the 4 weeks. 
  •  Real and practical things to do do discover your hairs maximum potential and also a really easy wash day where you can just wash and go.
  • Our ebook The Curly Girl Method Club
  • Access to the tutorials to watch at any time that suits you for 90days
We all have busy lives and we won’t by spending hours plaiting our hair 😉

This is not the quest for perfect curls at the forefront of every day - its the know how to deal with whatever pops up so you can get on with your day. 

My unique 4 topics covered in the 4 weeks:  
1. Discover & First Wash
2. Protecting & Reviving 
3. Going all out
4. The future of your curl care

Are you ready for lasting change?

To purchase a 121 is £299.  We have the The Ultimate Curly Girl Method Journey Experience early bird at just £69.99 rising to £99.99.

VIP UPGRADE option includes all of the above,  however instead of purchasing the Curly Girl Starter Kit you can order our entire range of hair care products,  treatments, sleep protection, next day hair options and have everything we offer at your finger tips ready for when the course begins for £299 including this experience.


Heather x

P.S we will also be holding a raffle prize draw at the end of the 4 weeks to win 3 products of your choice to add to your Curly Girl Method Starter Kit to support your new lifestyle choice 😲 💖

**Please note: Our Group Experiences run in a private Facebook group.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
CGM Experience

Fantastic experience. Access to so much information & videos to cover everything you need to know.
Heather is amazing giving personalised advice after really getting to know your hair. You have help every step of the way. Great to be part of a group with others at different stages of CGM journey. I wish I had discovered Heather sooner.
Would thoroughly recommend.

CGM Experience

I found this group to be really helpful. The videos were very detailed and it was good having them all in the once place to re watch. The regular feedback from Heather was extremely useful as I was able to ask questions that were specifically tailored to my hair. It was also positive seeing the comments of other group members even though we may have all been at different stages of CGM and experiencing different issues with our hair. Very much an informative and helpful group experience.