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Wash, Style, manage the look of Frizz, Create a Cast and SOTC the Curly Girl Method Way

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This multi purpose kit can show you how to complete your first wash,  Wash,  Style and utilise Tame for a dual purpose both in your wash day to reduce frizz and to scrunch out the crunch when your hair is dry. Using the Casting Queen you'll create a cast on your hair which is a stronger hold,  solid feel when dry.   You'll then Scrunch out the Crunch SOTC and be left with wonderfully soft, curls.

Whilst your products are on on their way dive into as much or as little as you like in our CGM Club.  *You'll have full access for 3 months.  In the CGM Club you'll find 4+hours of tutorials from What is the Curly Girl Method?  What's my hair type?  From your First Wash  through to troubleshooting,  application techniques, our ebook The Curly Girl Survival Guide and so much more

Once your Kit arrives your journey starts with the Whoops cleansing shampoo that gets rid of impurities and prepares your curls for a full bloom. As your curls unfurl themselves, the washing and styling combo comes to the rescue.

Here's everything you're getting with the kit:

  • Whoops 50ml to wash out the nasties £4.99
  • Co-Wash 250ml or Co-Wash Plus 250 ml £6.99
  • Leave-In Conditioner 250ml £6.99
  • Casting Queen 100ml £24.00
  • Wide Tooth Comb £6.99
  • Plush Plop Towel £8.99 or our Premium Waffle Plop Hair Towel RRP £20.99 only £15.99 when purchased with a kit.
  • Scalp massager £8.99
  • Tame 100ml Frizz eliminator £20.99
  • Full CGM Club access unlimited for 3 months.  £15.99 either via our app or directly in store.
  • Emails in the initial part of your journey to help you and keep you on track.
  • Access to our CGM Club members facebook group for help if you need it. 

Additional Options:

  1. Our 1 month supply is approximately 8-10 washes and our 3 month supply  kits are designed to have everything you need so that you can stay on track.

  • Choice between our plush towel and Premium Waffle Towel.

All of our products are curly girl method safe: No silicones, no sulphates, no drying alcohols, no waxes, no non-natural oils. You’ll find our full list of ingredients here.

*Want to stay in the CGM Club for longer?  We'd love you too!  All you need to do is make a purchase within 90 days (so just 4 times a year) and you'll have access to the club forever 💗

If purchasing the items individually in our store:

1month Kit: 111.91 3 months = 139.87

Premium Waffle towel: £123.91 

= 3months: 146.87

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