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May 2021 Newsletter

May 2021 Newsletter

We made it to May, and we’re finally allowed out to socialise! Hooray! Typical, then, that this month is shaping up to be one of the wettest on record. Sure, it’s not going to stop us from finally going out for those cocktails, but it might stop some of us from looking our curly best!

Curlies tend to fall into one of two camps; those who find that the damp weather enhances their ringlets, and those for whom the first drops of rain bring with it a halo of frizz that laughs in the face of any serum known to man. This is why this month we’re asking:

Frizz: Friend Or Foe?

If you’ve ever spent more than 30 seconds in the hair product aisle of any supermarket (thank goodness those days are over thanks to CGM Club!), or seen literally any hair product advert on TV, you’ll know that ‘frizz’ is treated as somewhat of a dirty word. We’re told to ‘fight it’, ‘tame it’, ‘banish it’....and perhaps for good reason. Frizz can be a sign of curls that need more hydration, or that there is damage. But is it all bad?


There’s nothing wrong with embracing the frizz! It creates volume - ideal if you fall into the ‘volume over definition’ camp, and there will always be at least one designer during Fashion Week who styles their models with big, beautiful, frizzy hair that will leave you inspired. If frizz is your thing, own it!

But, if you prefer your curls to have a smoother, sleeker look, we’ve put together our top tips to frizz-free curls, without having to resort to those nasty silicones!

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

The spirally shape of curls is achieved because the hair cuticle is slightly lifted, which makes the hair more susceptible to dehydration and damage.

The best way to lock in moisture and reduce the likelihood of frizz is with a deep conditioning treatment - and luckily, CGM Club have got you covered!

Treat It is a deep conditioning treatment, rich in fatty acids that softens, smooths and protects your curls from pollution and sunlight (if we ever get any!) - and you can use it weekly without it weighing down your curls.

After deep conditioning you can lock in all of that moisture and goodness with a few drops of Lock It, which will nourish and strengthen your coils - as well as add a banging bit of shine! You can also use Lock It on dry hair to touch up any frizzy or fly away areas.

Ingredients Are Key

Because curly hair is prone to dryness, it’s vital to stay away from products that contain harsh chemicals such as sulfates, silicones and parabens. These intense detergents can strip your hair of its moisture and make problems like frizz even worse. CGM Club’s range of cleansers, conditioners and products are free of harsh, drying chemicals, and instead are full of nourishing oils, vitamins and proteins. Sorted!

Rinse And Repeat

It’s a common misconception that curly hair doesn’t need to be washed as often - and while it’s true that due to its drier nature, curly hair doesn’t get greasy as quickly as our straight-haired counterparts (lucky us!), a healthy scalp is necessary for healthy hair. When you wash or co-wash your hair, be sure to gently massage the scalp with your fingertips (or treat yourself to our scalp massager - it’ll save your aching fingers AND it feels

ahhhhhhmazing!) to remove all traces of build-up. Be sure to thoroughly rinse it all away, and repeat before applying your leave-in conditioner or deep conditioning treatment. Healthy hair is less susceptible to damage and therefore less likely to have - you guessed it - frizz!

Dry The Right Way

When it comes to drying your curly hair, a diffuser is your best friend when it comes to an alternative to air-drying. A lot of curlies find that air drying gives frizz-free curls, but that they can lack in volume. Blow drying gives the volume - but can cause frizz. Gahhhh!! What to do!!! Drying on a low-heat using a diffuser gives you the best of both worlds: all that luscious volume, with a lot less frizz than with convention blow drying.

When it comes to our curls, embracing them is a personal journey, and whether you love the frizz or not, embracing our natural texture is incredibly empowering. Be YOU - we’ll be here for you for every step of your journey.

Remember - the first rule of CGM Club is TALK about CGM Club! If you know someone who could benefit from our curly knowledge, why not invite them to join our super-friendly curly girl community!

Until next month - bye, curlies!