Welcome to Your Curly Journey: Your First Step to Beautiful Curls Begins Here

You're in good hands!

My 6 steps to curls success created in 2018 & Curly Girl Starter Kits are going be able to get you started straight away and avoid the mistakes that often happen in the beginning of a curly girl journey!

We know a thing or two about waves or curls with 6 years experience and over 11,788+ transformations and 5 star reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Step 0: Starting the Curly Girl Method

The best most exciting step of them all! Discover Your Waves & Curls!

Dive into the Curly Girl Method with ease:

  • Start with Whoops: Begin your journey with our gentle first wash.
  • Binge watch all of the CGM Club Tutorials: Unlock a wealth of knowledge about your curls and the method.
  • Simplify with our Curly Girl Starter Kit: Enjoy Steps 0-3 in one convenient kit including CGM Club tutorials & free UK delivery.

Your journey to luscious curls starts here!