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Hey, Heather here...

My best-selling range of products, and handy how-to-guides, hints and tips has helped me and more than 5900 other Curly Girl Method Club members make the most out of our gorgeous curls!

The CGMC is for anyone who wants to enhance their natural curls, and is suitable for all hair types - from soft beachy, mermaid waves, to the tightest coils.

Discover your Curly Girl Starter Kit rated 5 Star by over 90% of customers who have tried it!

Welcome to the Curly Girl Method Club

A community of 150,000+ CGM Club members, people just like me and you...

Zoom Curly Girl Method Starter Kit
Zoom Curly Girl Method Starter Kit
Zoom Curly Girl Method Starter Kit
Zoom Curly Girl Method Starter Kit

Curly Girl Method Starter Kit

£69.99 GBP

Our newly refreshed starter kit for optimum results.  Now includes our essential sleep protection and next day curl help.  

Learn how to start the Curly Girl Method with us.  Our unique kits that give you the products,  tools and tutorials via our app to truly enjoy your new soft, defined, hydrated, and next day hair. 

90day access to our CGM Club curly hair tutorials in our app,  starting by showing you how to do your very first wash. 

This kit will give you 4-6weeks of product and tools to keep as you continue your curly girl method lifestyle choice. 

11 items to go from no idea to Curly Girl method Pro:

  • 30ml Whoops to rid your hair of silicones
  • 250ml Co Wash in place of shampoo
  • 250ml Leave In Conditioner
  • 100ml Style It to define your curls & waves
  • Refresh Bottle a trigger spray bottle to fill with water to re-hydrate your next day curls 
  • Coiled Band to pineapple your hair at night, we'll teach you how
  • Plop Towel, we'll teach you how to use this too
  • Scalp Massager to take care of your scalp 
  • Wide Tooth comb to gently detangle 
  • CGM Club in our app to teach you everything about the Curly Girl Method.
  • Curly Girl Survival Guide ebook in the CGM Club too.

If you have specific curl issues you are looking to solve:  oily scalp,  excessive frizz,  bed hair,  brush styling please check out our range of solutions here.


A one-stop curl shop

Whether you’re just starting out on your curly girl journey, or whether you’re a curly girl OG, our kits, ranging from beginners, through to intermediate and advanced are bursting with hand-picked products that we know, from experience, will fulfill all of your curly needs.

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From our best-selling co-wash, nourishing deep conditioners and protein-packed treatments, to stylers, tools and accessories, we’ve got every aspect of curly hair care covered...

Don't know where to start?

Our team of curl-experts have done all the hard work for you, sourcing and developing silicone and sulphate-free formulas that will bring optimum health and beauty to your curls.

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Where do I start?

Our Curly Girl Starter Kits have everything you'll need to get started just select your hair woes such as dryness, oily scalp or more and you'll select a kit perfect for your hair goals. We show you how to use everything and how to know your hair better and what it needs by logging into our CGM Club how to videos, ebooks and tutorials that are all included when you purchase a kit.

How do I access the CGM Club videos and help?

If you still have the box your kit arrived in just scan the QR code on the box. You must log in with the email and password you made your order with. If you have thrown your box away already, don't worry, head here to login. You can also access the CGM Club from your account. 

If you checked out as a guest and didn't create an account at the time of purchase please email us and we'll get this set up for you.  

What can I use on my child's hair?

Have a look at our Kids Kit. With kids, always steer away from casts and styling gels, you kids hair is gentle and therefore we will always suggest using what we have in the kit. You also have access to CGM Club for more help and guidance. But remember... kids are kids... a sign of a good days play is a few knots.

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Yes, we do, everyday! 😊

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