Curly Girl Starter Kit

Get those curls popping with our Curly Girl Starter Kit! The kit has everything you need to achieve the curls of your dreams and maintain them daily. 

Your journey starts with the Whoops cleansing shampoo that gets rid of impurities and prepares your curls for a full bloom. As your curls unfurl themselves, the washing and styling combo comes to the rescue. Here's everything you're getting with the kit 

  • Whoops 50ml to wash out the nasties £4.99
  • Co-Wash 250 ml £6.99
  • Leave-In 250 ml £6.99
  • Style It 100 ml £6.99
  • Wide Tooth Comb £6.99
  • Micro Plop £8.99
  • Scalp massager £8.99
  • Full CGM Club access unlimited for 3 months full of how-to videos and help.  PLUS supporting emails with helpful videos with perfect timing to troubleshoot the beginning of your journey. £15.99

Limp curls? Oily curls? Or hair just too frizzy? We've got you, girl! Bring home the Curly Girl Starter Kit today!

All of our products are curly girl method safe: No silicones, no sulphates, no drying alcohols, no waxes, no non-natural oils. You’ll find our full list of ingredients here.

  • £64.99
  • £66.92

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Heather Douglas

It was a present so I don’t know yet.

Daguplo Danelle
Curly Girl Starter Kit

First day wash and my curls are coming more defined compared to other products where it's more waves than curls. Still getting adjust to the method but can't wait to see how my hair turns out in the future!

Sharon Watson
Curly Girl Starter Kit

Oh my days, how I’ve not come across this before I do not know.
A really nice starter kit with everything in to get you started on your CG journey.
My curls have started to look good after my first wash day with the kit, which is amazing since my hair is bleached and has dye in. It usually takes a few weeks of deep conditioning to get my curls looking this good. Can’t wait to see what they look like in a months time

Penny Baum
Starter kit

I’m really enjoying using the starter kit and my curls are definitely getting some life back into them. Can highly recommend these products.

Happy curly girl

I had tried the method before, but with different products and it just didn’t work.

Prior to this I didn’t even understand what ‘co wash’ was. I was always wondering what I was meant to be ‘co washing ‘ with ! Each blog I read was too confusing and wordy.

But this kit is great. Each of the products have labels with simple instructions on them. There are videos that explain each step. I had a bit of trouble logging on to watch the videos, but I messaged you guys on Facebook and you were so sweet and helpful & sent the link straight away.

Anyway, each product has a label with simple instructions and identification of what it is which I really like.
My hair has actually gone curlier, not only thanks to the products, but the videos on how to complete each step. (The diffuser section was really helpful)

This is a genuine review from a women who’s always straightened her hair, but has a wave and some ‘ringlets’ in natural hair.

I honestly cant fault the kit. It’s pretty , it does work and there’s no waffle with the step method.

Now I’ve just got have some patience and trust the process 🤣