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Curly Girl Method Starter Kit

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Our newly refreshed starter kit for optimum results.  Now includes our essential sleep protection and next day curl help.  

Learn how to start the Curly Girl Method with us.  Our unique kits that give you the products,  tools and tutorials via our app to truly enjoy your new soft, defined, hydrated, and next day hair. 

90day access to our CGM Club curly hair tutorials in our app,  starting by showing you how to do your very first wash. 

This kit will give you 4-6weeks of product and tools to keep as you continue your curly girl method lifestyle choice. 

11 items to go from no idea to Curly Girl method Pro:

  • 30ml Whoops to rid your hair of silicones
  • 250ml Co Wash in place of shampoo
  • 250ml Leave In Conditioner
  • 100ml Style It to define your curls & waves
  • Refresh Bottle a trigger spray bottle to fill with water to re-hydrate your next day curls 
  • Coiled Band to pineapple your hair at night, we'll teach you how
  • Plop Towel, we'll teach you how to use this too
  • Scalp Massager to take care of your scalp 
  • Wide Tooth comb to gently detangle 
  • CGM Club in our app to teach you everything about the Curly Girl Method.
  • Curly Girl Survival Guide ebook in the CGM Club too.

If you have specific curl issues you are looking to solve:  oily scalp,  excessive frizz,  bed hair,  brush styling please check out our range of solutions here.

You may wish to join our upcoming Ultimate Curly Girl Method Journey Experience 4 week group experience which starts 5th July.  Here for more information

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Karen P
Amazing transformation

Thank you so much. My hair has never looked so good. Amazing difference after using just twice. Defined and shiny curls which are still as good on day two and three. Excited for the future.

Ellie Pearson
First Time User

What a ridiculous difference just one use of these products. Outstanding

Jodi Hatt
Getting used to it

It's taking some getting used to. Maybe once I do a deep conditioning treatment it will help

Miss G
Surprisingly good

I'm a sceptic glass half full look on things, but this product works, iv never had curly hair till I stated using a vegan shampoo, then my sister suggested curly girl, the shampoo didn't lather up like most product, and I wasn't sure how much to use of each product so that could be an improvement if they were needing suggestions but overall 😀 I'm pleasantly pleased 👍👏

Basic Wash and Style

I would have liked some more info with the goods. Is the towel just for holding around my hair or is it for use after deep conditioning. I'm still having to wash my hair on day 3 as the style it doesn't do much. Should I use the head massager with every wash? I find it hard to know if I have used enough co wash as it doesn't lather. Otherwise products are good and my curls are beginning to be more defined.

Hi Ilene, Great to hear from you. All of your questions are covered by the First Wash video in the CGM Club tutorials, this is where i walk you through exactly what everything is for, how to use and why, you can access them by logging in here with the email and password you made your purchase with. or via the app which is linked here Heather x