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Curly Girl Starter Kit
Catherine ODowd
Life Saver

Received my first pack few days ago, just washed my hair for first time including the woops. I diffused and now leaving rest to air dry. So far loving the result, can’t wait for it to be fully dry and see the end result. It is 100% looking much healthier and curlier. I’m excited to go on this journey. My hair and curls were so damaged from a colour I put in my hair about 5 weeks ago ❤️

Curly girl starter kit

I have been really impressed with the results so far. Will definitely be purchasing more items in the future. Thank you for all the videos as well on hair washing, diffusing and next day styling. These have been very useful.

Curly Girl Pro Kit
Vicki Wilson
Love the transformation

Used products for around a year now, pro kit was amazing let me experience all the products and work out what works best for me. Can't recommend highly enough

Curly Girl Starter Kit

Absolutely fantastic

Best decision I ever made! Curly girl method has changed my life! This kit is fantastic and has everything you need


I have been on the curly girl method for just over a year and I can tell you there is no going back . The proof is in the pudding my girls are legendary and yes I love my curls ! I never used too but now I can’t go anywhere without people stopping me about my curls , there is method in the madness

Curly Girl Starter Kit
Nadiya Yildirim
Life changing products

Curly Girl Method club has given me the products and info that has helped me finally appreciate and enjoy my curls xxx

Kids Kit
Love it!

Tried this for my wavy haired 5 year old and we both love it!

Co Wash Plus +
Helen Davey
Love love love

I could never go back to shampoo this is the future and I can’t thank curly girl method enough it gives me that super clean feel and I can get my comb through it after shampooing ! Crazy but true

Coiled Bands
LeeNell Mayes
Coiled Bands

Who knew these could help so much?!!!! I wake up with my curls still intact instead of flattened yay!!!

Smells lush! Must-have staple :)

I’ve never liked leave-in conditioners (they have always left my hair feeling weighed down and either ‘crackly’ or greasy/unclean) but this one is VERY different - not only does it smell absolutely lush but it immediately improves the condition of my naturally frizzy loose curls when left to dry naturally, without making them feel heavy. I can really tell the difference if I skip this step, as my hair frizzes up and is nowhere near as soft and silky. I’ve found that squeezing out as much water as possible from my long hair (from root to ends) before applying to the lower half and brushing it through with my fingers works best, and that I use about a teaspoon each wash (compared to a handful of previous wash out conditioners!!) which means each 250ml lasts ages, usually longer than my Co-Wash bottles. Staple must-have product I'm so glad I discovered :)

Kids Kit
Risha Lane
Kids curly girl kit

Think it’s too early to say. Still only on week one

Curly Girl Starter Kit
Michelle Hipe

Happy with curly girl have watch video and read emails which were helpful.

Only reason why I rated 3 was because I think another product was needed for my self to define my curls as as was still a bit wild. So I am going to try a few more product and see if this works.

My journey in just 2 weeks 😍😍😍

just the starter kit so far xxx

Co Wash Plus +
Anne Cuccolo
Co wash plus

It detangles and washes my hair at the same time. A little goes a long way. I definitely raccomend it.

Strength and shine leave in conditioner

What I like the most is the consistency and the parfume. It leaves my hair feeling silky and looking healthy. It mainly contains Aloe Vera and vitamin c which are natural ingredients my curls thirst for. This product is part of my refresh daily routine.

Co Wash
Toni vaughan

I found that it didn't really leave my hair feeling any cleaner. And I found I needed to use a lot for full coverage as it doesn't foam up

Hi Toni, there seems to be some confusion here. Co Wash will not foam as it is a Co - Wash (Conditioner Wash). If you're looking to start your Curly Girl journey and learn the how's and why's a Starter Kit will teach you everything you need to know https://curlygirlmethod.club/products/curly-girl-starter-kit?variant=37898931601576

Love Love Love

These are the best products I have tried, and I’ve used many. My hair is fine but I have tons of it. The cowash is my favourite product ever. My hair feels nourished and no longer chases the air for a drink.

Co Wash Plus +
Co Wash +

I didn’t realise how bad the build up from products was in my hair. Once I’d used co wash+ my hair felt lovely and soft.


I bought this product for my niece. She needs help. She’s ruined her beautiful curls with over damaging and dying. We have done the treatment three times and notice a HUGe improvement. I’m trying to talk her mom into buying the bigger kit for her. Wish us luck and please keep providing such a high quality product!!

Co Wash
Co wash

I love it, I just have to use a lot of it as I have such thick hair. But it makes my hair so soft with such shiny curls.

Curly Girl Starter Kit
Abigail Blakley

So far I’m loving it

Co Wash
Sue Newham
Love it

I've been doing the method for just over a year now and find the cowash an essential part of the routine, it's so nice and allows me to untangle my curly easily. Thoroughly recommend

Strength And Shine Leave In Conditioner

Happy so far

I am very happy so far and have noticed a difference already after 3 washes - I still have a bit of frizz but I think I need to invest in a sleep cap to prevent this. But otherwise very happy cannot wait to purchase more products. 😍