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CGM Club Access
Francesca Leoni
Really helpful

The content is great, it's really helpful and I can't wait to dig into all of it, I've watched a bunch of videos so far and I thought they were really informative :)

Love it

I’ve tried many anti frizz serums over the years and this is by far the best I’ve found.


I've sent emails and messages on how to use the product and still no response.

HI Linda, i have replied to your email this morning. As a new starter to the Curly Girl Method we would definitely recommend a starter kit. We understand that you are looking for the accompanying shampoo - however we do not use shampoo and therefore the Co Wash does not lather. Our starter kits cover learning about what the Curly Girl Method is and how it will benefit your curls substantially but you do need the products, tools and to watch the first wash video tutorial to understand the process. If you need any further help please just let us know - Heather x


Love all the products! After the first wash my curls look amazing! Can’t wait to order more things.

Style It
Joanne Buttery
Love it!!

I love style it it makes the perfect crunchy curls and scrunches out amazingly once my hair is dry x

Bounce Back Protein
Dee Andrews
Super bounce back!

I adore this treatment! I struggle to find productive treatments especially with protein that actually make a difference. I use this every time I have a special occasion or whenever my curls start looking a bit lame!

Co Wash
Sarah J.
Love these products

Love the Curly Girl Method products. In the 6 months I’ve been using them and combined with the techniques from the videos, my curls are softer and more defined

Leave In Conditioner

I have been using CGM products for about 3 months now and have to say the condition of my hair is improving all the time. It’s soft and shiny. I’m still learning what works for me. Just purchased tonic and bounce back protein so will feedback once used

Lovely products

I really live these products, they smell gorgeous and leave your hair feeling amazing. I just wish there was a bit more online help as I'm quite confused about how often I should wash my hair. I have reached out directly but I haven't heard anything back yet.

Curly Girl Pro Kit
Leanne Lovesy
Really great results so far

The pro kit is perfect for topping up on my wash day essentials and start introducing new items.

The sleep cap is a great fit, I’m a really wiggly sleeper but it stays on all night without the band feeling tight.

About a month in and my hair has been totally transformed already. I actually feel excited to see the results on wash day and can’t wait to see what the next few months bring!

Love it

Love it, makes my hair feel soft and great condition

Bounce Back Protein
Joanne broughton
Weird but wonderful

I had trouble reading the instructions as it’s so small but once I made it up I was still a bit baffled especially as I didn’t realise it came in little crystals that you mix up with water.. i left the protein in my hair for about 30 mins then washed it out. It also set solid on my shower base but was easy to remove with warm water and elbow grease. Will use again but this time I will be wiser.

Style It
Karen Kelly

This Gel is fantastic, it’s lightweight, cures frizz, without any stickiness, highly recommend

Curly Girl Starter Kit
Heather Douglas

It was a present so I don’t know yet.

Casting Queen
Catherine ODowd
Casting Queen

Not sure it works for me

Co Wash
Great product

I love the Curly Girl Co Wash.
It leaves my hair feeling clean and soft. I have noticed such a difference with the frizziness after a few of weeks using this product. Love it x

Beginners kit.

This is my first time using these products and so far I am about to do my second wash, I'm very pleased I have no flaking from the gel which has always been a problem for me. All the products smell lovely, my hair feels very soft. My curls have responded very well to the products and produced some lovely ringlets.

Good so far

Really good so far but I'm sceptical. I would like more tutorials to come with it..I'm a visual learner so as much as the text step by step is amazing and a breathe of fresh air, I need more.viaual.representationto follow. Keep doing what you're doing amazing lady! Xx

Style It
Love Love Love

This is by far, the best styling gel I have used in my crazy curls. It’s light weight, doesn’t make your hair feel sticky or crunchy. Keeps your curls controlled and looking natural. And it comes at a reasonable price! Love it!

Kids Kit
Jessica Burton
Amazing products!

My little girls hair looks a dream after only one wash! The products smell amazing and are easy to use. Gentle enough for my 2 year old and her curls are now really defined! X

Fabulous bundle of goodies

Super packaging, fabulous bundle of products and great support from the club with the videos to help you learn the ropes


I use this for my daughter! Lovely smooth leave in conditioner which really helped the last little bits of detangling after co-wash! Frizz most definitely less after even one use

Curly Girl Starter Kit
Daguplo Danelle
Curly Girl Starter Kit

First day wash and my curls are coming more defined compared to other products where it's more waves than curls. Still getting adjust to the method but can't wait to see how my hair turns out in the future!

Curly Girl Starter Kit
Sharon Watson
Curly Girl Starter Kit

Oh my days, how I’ve not come across this before I do not know.
A really nice starter kit with everything in to get you started on your CG journey.
My curls have started to look good after my first wash day with the kit, which is amazing since my hair is bleached and has dye in. It usually takes a few weeks of deep conditioning to get my curls looking this good. Can’t wait to see what they look like in a months time

Curly Girl Pro Kit
Lynne Moody
Pro Kit

Love the fact I can purchase exactly what I need and receive a discount