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How to start the curly girl method

Hi I haven’t received anything yet !!
So can’t leave a review yet .

would love to see it in a bigger bottle
not sure if im using correctly but still have frizzy hair, maybe im not using correct method but over all happy xx
over all very happy and happy with great customer service, well done girls xx

The best

This really is my favourite leave-in, I'm probably on my 10th bottle now. It's lightweight so it doesn't weigh my curls down but still gives you that moisture curls need.

Next Day Curls Dry Refresh

Very good product. Helped define my curls post wash day


The leave in conditioner is amazing. Very light, smells lovely and hair feels great. I love using it!

Coiled band

Kids Kit
Kids Pack

This is a fantastic pack to start on kids hair with. Will buy more products along the way.

Co Wash 250ml
Marie Stansfield

This is great for in between washes. Leaves my hair so soft.

It's ok

I liked how my hair felt with the deep condition

Amazing transformation

Thank you so much. My hair has never looked so good. Amazing difference after using just twice. Defined and shiny curls which are still as good on day two and three. Excited for the future.

First Time User

What a ridiculous difference just one use of these products. Outstanding

Next day curls

Makes refreshing my hair the following day so much easier and has helped me to cut down my washes. Thanks CGMC X

Co Wash 250ml
Suzie Pitman
No more grizz

Iboight 3 bottles of Co- wash... it will last me ages. Probably a year. As I use so raely once a week!! That's all I need. It is just brilliant.

Style It 100ml
Eidin Shinnick

I’ve been using this product for 2 years and it’s my no.1 must have essential hair product! I’ve tried so many different gels over the years and always found I had to add another 2 or 3 products into my hair to get the right look. This is now the only product I need after using the curly girl shampoo and conditioner. It ticks all the boxes. I have beautiful defined, soft, bouncy curls and it looks and feels as though I’ve put nothing in it at all. It also smells incredible! You also don’t need to use too much of it and so it lasts quite a while. I prefer to get the 100ml as the larger quantity is a tin tub with a tin lid and I find it gets really hard to open towards the end of its use!

Really liked it. Made a big difference to my hair post wash day.
Photos are after using the cap for the first time pre CGM

Bounce Back

This product really helped my curls! I definitely recommend it!

Getting used to it

It's taking some getting used to. Maybe once I do a deep conditioning treatment it will help

E-Book Curly Girl Survival Guide

Tame 100ml for frizzy hair
Sarit DeFrancesco
Bye bye Frizz

This really works !!

Casting Queen

This is an incredible product and a little really does go a long way, so this tin will last you ages! The main reason I love this product is because it protects my curls in the wind and humidity!! They don't loose their shape, which is amazing!

Surprisingly good

I'm a sceptic glass half full look on things, but this product works, iv never had curly hair till I stated using a vegan shampoo, then my sister suggested curly girl, the shampoo didn't lather up like most product, and I wasn't sure how much to use of each product so that could be an improvement if they were needing suggestions but overall 😀 I'm pleasantly pleased 👍👏

Basic Wash and Style

I would have liked some more info with the goods. Is the towel just for holding around my hair or is it for use after deep conditioning. I'm still having to wash my hair on day 3 as the style it doesn't do much. Should I use the head massager with every wash? I find it hard to know if I have used enough co wash as it doesn't lather. Otherwise products are good and my curls are beginning to be more defined.

Hi Ilene, Great to hear from you. All of your questions are covered by the First Wash video in the CGM Club tutorials, this is where i walk you through exactly what everything is for, how to use and why, you can access them by logging in here with the email and password you made your purchase with. https://curlygirlmethod.club/a/courses/home/ or via the app which is linked here https://curlygirlmethod.club/pages/cgm-login. Heather x

New to CGM

Hi All,
I am seeing results immediately!

ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My horrible frizzy hair that I have been frying with a flat iron for many many many years is now coming back to life!!!!! I have very thick curly hair!!!! I live in Houston Texas, which translates to the land of heat and 100% humidity!!!! For YEARS I have been killing my curls with hot irons of all kinds, blow outs, a million products to keep long beautiful smooth blonde hair. It was my image and I was known for my gorgeous hair all during my 30 years career. Well that job ended 7 years ago, but that image was still living on. I turned 55 on the last day of March and had the courage to cut 7 inches off my hair,turned off the heat and tried to go with my natual curls. After spending countless confusing hours on YouTube, I FINALLY found The Curly Girl Club!!! These products have changed my life and my hair!! I can walk outside in the humidity and not WORRY ABOUT MY HAIR!!!!!!

Satin Sleep Cap reduces frizz
Guðlaug Ósk Sigurðardóttir
Satin sleep cap

Love it