Most Commonly Asked Questions

Do you ship worldwide?

We do do everyday, if you are experiencing high courier charges at checkout please get in touch. Orders over a 2kilo limit increase in courier charges and we can help with this.

Where do I start?

New to curly care? Start with our Curly Girl Starter Kits - tailored to your hair needs. Explore our products and video tutorials and in the CGM Club, or join our Curly Me waitlist for personalised 1-on-1 support.

How do I access the CGM Club videos?

When you place your order, you'll receive an email with immediate access.

Your email contains the code to unlock the tutorials. If you can't locate it, reach out to us for assistance.

Access the CGM Club tutorials here, also available on our free app.

What can I use on my child's hair? 

Explore our Kids Kit - perfect for gentle care. Avoid styling products, sticking to what's in the kit. CGM Club tutorials included. Remember, with kids, a few knots are a sign of a day well spent in play!

How long does a Starter Kit last? 

How long does a Starter Kit last? The Core Products—Co Wash, Leave In, and Style It—typically last me 8-10 washes, but individual usage varies.

When creating the kits, I based quantities on my own 6 wash days, taking an average.

Tools like combs, clips, and towels offer a lifetime of use.

Additional products, such as Tonic, last much longer—around 4 months with daily 1-2 drops.

What is my Curl Type?

Dive into the details with these options: 1) Unlock insights in the CGM Club included with your starter kit. 2) Grab the Ebook. 3) Embark on a curl journey by joining the CGM Club.

Medical History

We are enthusiasts for all things curls and waves.

We quite often receive emails looking for advice about hair growing back after chemo, alopecia or health issues that cause hair loss just name few.

While we don't have all the answers, we can assure you that our products are gentle on curls and waves.

It's always recommended to consult with a medical professional.

Military bases

We ship via Royal Mail due to access issues for delivery. 

Where's my pre-order?

We have pre-order stock available in store. If you have a mixed cart of both pre-order and in stock items you'll see a pop up:

❗️ Warning: you have pre-order and in stock items in your cart.

🚨Please place your orders separately. IF not your ORDER will be HELD until your pre-order stock is received. 📦

If you check out with a mixed cart your order will not be despatched until your pre-order items are in stock.

Pre-Order items are clearly marked with a PRE-ORDER sticker over the image, the order button is labelled PRE-ORDER and then also a pop up to ensure you know you have purchased a pre-order item.

Have a question? Get in touch.