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Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do, everyday.

Where do I start?

Our Curly Girl Starter Kits have everything you'll need to get started just select your hair woes such as dryness, oily scalp or more and you'll select a kit perfect for your hair goals.

We show you how to use everything and how to know your hair better and what it needs by logging into our CGM Club how to videos, ebooks and tutorials that are all included when you purchase a starter kit

How long does a Starter Kit last?

The Core Products: Co Wash, Leave In & Style It.  Personally for me 8-10 washes.  It will be different for every person.  When I developed the Starter Kits I weighed the amount of product I used for each wash day for 6 wash days and took an average of those.  The tools: combs, clips, towels a lifetime of use.  Additional products much, much longer:  Such as, Tonic around 4 months with daily 1-2 drops a day usage.  

I received my kit, how do I access the CGM Club videos and help?

If you still have the box your kit arrived in just scan the QR code on the box. (All you need to do is open your phone camera and hold it over the QR code, it will pop up with a safari banner, click that and you're ready to log in). You must log in with the email and password you made your order with. If you have  thrown your box already, don't worry, CLICK HERE to login . You can also access the CGM Club from your account. 

If you checked out as a guest and didn't create an account at the time of purchase please email us and we'll get this set up for you.  

How long can I access the CGM for?

CGM Club access is available for 3 months with the purchase of our Get Starter kit, CGM Pro-Kit, Kids Kit, and all 3 of our 3 month supply kits. With each of these ordered you now get access to ALL content for 3 months - That's over 50 videos, with tips, hints, and guidance throughout your hair journey. And to keep your content, all you have to do from now on is buy a product with us within your 90 days to keep the content rolling forward. You may also like to extend your access without a purchase, you can choose between receiving 3 or 6 months full access.

What can I use on my child's hair?

Have a look at our Kids Kit. With kids, always steer away from casts and styling gels, you kids hair is gentle and therefore we will always suggest using what we have in the kit. You also have access to CGM Club for more help and guidance. But remember... kids are kids... a sign of a good days play is a few knots.

What is Curl Type?

If your looking to know more about your hair type there are a few options.

1) with your starter kit, you will have access to the CGM Club where there is information on this, as well as access to the Curly Girl Survival Guide E-book.

2) Download the Curly Girl Survival Guide E-book 

3) Join the CGM CLUB

Can you offer advice based on my medical condition?

Here at CGM Club, we like to think we know a thing or two about hair... but we are no hair doctor. We quite often receive emails looking for advice about hair growing back after chemo, alopecia or health issues that cause hair loss to name just a few. As much as we would love to have all the answers for you sadly we don't but what we can tell you is that all our products are gentle on the hair and scalp. 

How do I track my order?

You can track your delivery HERE.

I live in Europe, what impact will that have after Brexit?

Since the 1st January 2021, all of our customers in Europe and Ireland are liable for Import duty. Please CLICK HERE for more information. 

Do you deliver to BFPO addresses?

Yes, however we only ship via Royal Mail due to access issues for delivery.

If you haven't found the answers you need please contact us by email

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