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Owner of the Curly Girl Method Club

Hello, I’m Heather 👋

Welcome to our community , the CGM Club of 150,000+ people just like me and you.

I have textured hair just like you,  I have had some experiences just like you,  I will have had some of the same challenges, thoughts and successes just like you.

I spent years especially my teen years hating my hair,  it was so much hard work, often painful to brush/comb, often up sooo tight just to try and straighten the kinks.  I so wanted straight blonde or brown less stand out hair.  I would straighten my hair for any “special” event up to 2017! Genuinely feeling like my own hair wasn’t suitable *sigh*.  I wasn’t allowed to cut my hair as a child so it was exceptionally long and I didn’t particularly have any knowledge or specific products available to me.  I routinely swapped chores with my eldest brother to iron my hair, with an IRON on the IRONING BOARD to feel less “different”.  

Embrace your Curls

It’s easy to say embrace your curls BUT I know its not that EASY!

The experiences you have had around your hair, the blasé comments, the media not representing a full picture of textures,  I’ve experienced that.  I simply did not know what i know now *the internet wasn’t around then lol! These experiences don’t change overnight,  until you feel like you can really manage your hair in many different circumstances (holiday, work, rain etc) then it takes a while to FEEL great about how your hair looks, feels and behaves.

I think to be able to embrace them you have to have a few things in place, otherwise how are you going to be able to embrace them?  It’s a bit like saying be consistent, but, HOW?  To be able to EMBRACE your texture and be consistent you need a few things.

Some knowledge or research 

The right products, banishing the silicones, sulphates, drying alcohols, dry brushing, non. natural oils and no waxes. 

A place to start, where is that? Especially with conflicting information on the internet and groups.

The tools, which ones?

 The techniques, which ones?

Support and lots of it

And a few successes to FEEL like “yes, I’m going to embrace my texture!, I’m starting to like my waves/curls”

We want to transform how you FEEL about your hair.  We want you to feel fully equipped to deal with everything that your hair throws at you, to be adventurous trying new things, to build your routine and to #daretobeyou and to truly love and embrace your texture. That’s where the extra support of our CGM Club which is where all our how to videos live and our community really help.

The CGM Club

So yes, that’s what I do, I help wavies, curlies all over the world do that.  I want them to do so without thinking.  You get a kit, scan the QR code, it opens CGM Club and you are soaking up that initial knowledge (without the fluff and inconsistencies or conflicting noise on the internet).

Whilst you are learning your kit is on its way, it arrives, you already have some knowledge, you have the right products without scanning every label in the supermarket twice *thinking what is that ingredient?!? You have a place to start, the tools they need, you’ve seen how I do it.  Straight out of the gate, straight in washing your hair, detangling, drying, protecting their curls, deep conditioning your curls in a revolutionary new way, all without really having to think too much!

And we are here for everyone,  we have a huge community to help and support  :-)


My Story

I had worked really, really hard in corporates from a school leaver in a Pharmaceutical, Estate Agency and in Recruitment.  I had my son in 2013 and wow did my world change!  I returned part time but had a laptop and mobile and worked full time with my little boy who slept 15 minute intervals until he was nearly 3!  You’ll see from the photos how often I cut my hair short just to have it manageable, especially when my son was little and i felt like I’d not slept in a year…..

I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams I’d be doing something that I truly love to do and really being able to genuinely help people everyday with something I know inside out!  Something I strive to improve and evolve continuously,  we have the WILDEST plans!

I realised I could help other curlies with the knowledge I had, techniques and products I utilised and more importantly what I didn’t use whilst on a hen party in Portugal in 2017.  I only knew the bride to be and meet her lovely friends on route to our fabulous, fun, boozy trip.  Mostly blondes, mostly straight haired, lovely ladies. Among other things I worried about my hair going WILD in the sun and the change in the water and weather (the curl devil lol).  We went out for a big night, had an awesome time (rodeo bull included).  

The next day when we were getting ready for the next night out they were all reaching for the blow dryers, straighteners and hairspray.  EVERYONE had textured hair from wavy to curly,  well that’s me in fall swing.  I ask why they don’t wear it curly/wavy and the answers flowed. It was due to its uncontrollable behaviour (we all know how that feels), it just never comes out right, or their job and other reasons.  They were so complimentary about my hair and said “if i had curls like you i would wear it curly” I was flattered, and knew i could help and so suggested that if anyone wanted to borrow my products, tools such as my comb, plop towels etc I’m more than happy to help.  That night we went out all a flurry of wavies and curlies!!  Some spiral curls,  some beautiful waves. Everyone was astonished that the simple tweaks made such a difference, how to put on a ‘plop’ how long, lining up the products and tools in order ready to go keeping it quick and easy to! The next day,  *pineapple’s galore!  

*high ponytails in coiled bands up high.  We laughed and joked the entire trip about how i would roll this out across the world, how it’d help, what I should call it - we had a drunken master plan that set my soul on fire.

I returned and a few months later and finally made the time to write an ebook, it was a scary thought.  I’m not a writer, I’ve never written anything, it's not really my skill set but it's something the ladies had mentioned and I thought it may help a few people. 

That e-book “The Curly Girl Survival Guide” was downloaded 100's of times in a flash.  WOW!We were asked to create get started kits, we delivered.  We saw our first transformations.We were asked to share videos, now called CGM Club. We are continually improving our range and our videos and our customer experience,  anything to make your hair care easier almost always lead by our community.

Then in July 2019 I was brutally trolled, there was no hesitation that i would just close the door!  I was standing in a garden centre with my family and my notifications just kept coming, they were truly vile.  “I was annoying” “my voice hideous” “no one needed my help” “i was an unfit mother” the list was endless! 

Our CGM Club community didn’t let me quit!  I shared my goodbye and boy did they come out in force!  I will be eternally grateful.

I decided if we inspire even one person to be more them and feel equipped to embrace their texture then that’s perfect!   #daretobeyou #bemoreyou. I'll be shouting from the rooftops about being more me!  I’ll be sharing all the hacks, knowledge and tricks I know!  Every single one of them!  I do this because I care.  We are blessed to have our wonderful hair and together we can inspire each other too! 

In August we launched Casting Queen, named by our wonderful community.  In September we launched Curly Me which has seen our most extreme transformations of all! In October we launched our Co Wash + PLUS to help with transition to the CG way of life. Then our CurlyBox subscription as requested by you all.  November we launched our full range of tools alongside our biggest Extreme Kit. We improved our whole range. July we renamed our kits as suggested by you all from instant, ultimate and extreme to beginners, intermediate and advanced. We’ve moved website twice *that wasn’t as fun as it sounds but offers a much better experience. We launched an affiliates programme. And we continue to grow, strive to offer everything you’ll need.  

Everything in our range has a purpose or is multi purpose so we don’t continuously add additional things to our range but improve the original.  Everything in our range I use within the year as the seasons change and the needs of my hair change.  Everything is there from a huge line up wash day of perfection wash, going out hair do or just the everyday with a serious pre school run time limit. 

**essential note here:  my hair is not “|fixed|”, I can also fall off the wagon and be thrown a curve ball just like you BUT I wouldn’t change it for the world.**

You’ll notice I often cut it short and that’s because I couldn’t deal with it or have it manageable or office acceptable.  Versus now where a 15minute wash and go offers me a week long acceptable curls for me.

2018 was the last time I straightened my hair to feel “glam” and for total transparency you should know I also have a set of dyed hair extensions in here !! 

I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Without you this simply isn’t possible!  Without your support we simply wouldn’t be here wanting to help and change.

Thank you for reading.