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Curly Me

Are you looking for more support with starting the Curly Girl Method?  Or have you started stumbled and felt a bit overwhelmed with it all?

Look no further than to have my help.  I want to help you achieve great healthier, happier curls, waves, and coils.  So, I have created something that will help you achieve that without worry. It’s a place for support, commitment, inspiration and somewhere you can celebrate your wins, your frustrations, your “me too’s” and get love when you need a boost.  I’d love you to start the Curly Girl Method and join Curly Me.

Curly Me 1-2-1 includes:

  • The opportunity to tell me about your curls,  send a recent photo of your hair, share with me your current curl woes, let me know the environment you live in, and tell me your curl goal.
  • You’ll receive a Curly Me Kit.  This is a hand-picked selection of products and tools from our range based on the information you have shared with me.  Minimum value £150, I will however not stop within that budget if I feel you need more products and tools to get the results you want. 
  • I’ll confirm why I have picked each product or tool, what is it for and how you can utilise it alongside various techniques for the products you are going to receive.
  • I’ll identify your curl type for you.
  • You’ll receive access to our Curly Girl Survival Guide.
  • You’ll receive access to our CGM Club unlimited where you’ll find 4hours of video help and guidance.  You’ll receive these topics of guidance and more. I’ll be guiding you through different techniques, options, and all things waves/curls. Exploring options and techniques to find your own routine ➰ Pre-wash ➰ Washday including detangling. ➰ Stylers ➰ Drying ➰ Sleep protection. When to wash your hair, can you go to work with wet hair, do you work shifts ➰ Refresh ➰ Frizz ➰ Scalp ➰ Volume ➰ Shine ➰ Protein VS Moisture.
  • You’ll need WhatsApp as this is the easiest platform for us to communicate.  Once you receive your kit we’ll have 30days to really get to grips with your curl routine whether that be a simple wash & go to boost condition or whether you are looking to create uniform curls.  I’ll be able to send you specific videos, voice notes, and directions to help you achieve your goals. (Responses will be within 9 am - 3 pm Monday to Friday. 
  • Payment plans are available at checkout.
  • Free P&P UK & Worldwide.

We have had great success with Curly Me for both curlies and wavies who have either started the method and got stuck or have been at the very beginning of their journey,  check out what our customers say here.

Love Heather x

Directions for use:  All provided by 121 messaging and CGM Club unlimited how-to videos.

Ingredients: Varied due to being handpicked.




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Curly Me


Customer Reviews

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CGMC products will make your life so much simpler - Heather does the leg work for you!

My name is Nicola and live on the West Coast of Scotland.
I began my curly girl journey in June 2019 and was so fortunate to find The Curly Girl Method Club right at the start of my journey. Don't think I'd be where I am today if it wasn't for all Heather's help and incredibly useful tips.
I joined Curly Me in summer 2019. This was a fantastic way to start. I sent in my photos of what my hair currently looked like and what I was hoping to achieve by following the method and using Curly Girl Method Clubs Products. In my opinion, Curly Me is the best way to start as you are given specific advice on what is best for your hair along with very useful tips and tricks. Having access to the Curly Girl Method Club videos etc is very useful. As time goes on, you can forget simple techniques but these videos always help you get back on track.
My best advice, is stay positive and patient!! For years you will have been straightening and no doubt using heat on your hair. The Curly girl method will not happen overnight, but your curls will improve with time and patience!!
I struggle with an itchy scalp. However, since using Tonic daily, plopping for shorter period of time and then diffusing at my roots, it has made such a big difference to my scalp. I must admit that I did have to purchase a different co-wash (ie. not curly girl method club co-wash) , however now that my scalp health has improved with Heather's tips i have recently purchased CGMC's co-wash again so fingers crossed. My hair and scalp don't appear to like coconut so thankfully all the CGMC products are coconut free.
I quite often forget to deep condition and then wonder why my curls are not sitting right. Deep conditioning is absolute key to having those beautiful soft flowing curls you have dreamed of! Treat it mixed with CGMC leave-in is my go to, brilliant product!!
But the ultimate product that everyone should own is TAME!!!!!! By far the best ever product i have used for taming those pesky frizzies!!
But for minimal frizz then sleep protection is an absolute must! I pineapple each night and use a satin pillowcase but recently purchased the CGMC buff - wow its a game changer!

At the end of the day, everyone should at least try the method and buying CGMC products will make your life so much simpler, rather than trawling the internet for endless amounts of products!! Heather does the leg work for you!

Curly Girl Method Club Owner

Hello... I’m Heather

I spent years hating my hair,  it was hard work, often painful to brush, often up sooo tight to try and 'iron out' the kinks and I would straighten my hair for any “special” event... that was until I learnt to embrace my curls. This is the reason I launched my 150,000+ community, the CGMC, to help women like you change the way you feel about your curls forever!

Don't know where to start?

Our team of curl-experts have done all the hard work for you, sourcing and developing silicone and sulphate-free formulas that will bring optimum health and beauty to your curls.


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