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📦  CurlyBox has everything you need every month to wash & style your hair PLUS new products and tools each month to learn new techniques all in your CurlyBox.

💗  Stay on track with a monthly delivery of Curly Girl Method safe products, tools & how-to videos.

🥇 Be the first to receive any new products and tools we launch.

👉 Bursting full of full-size products and tools, everything you need for your confident, healthier hair journey. 

📲  4 hours of video tips, tricks, and many straightforward how-to videos.

👥  Join our CGM Club Members community on Facebook who will be in exactly the same boat as you!  Enjoy helping each other, lifting each other up, overcoming challenges and I'll be there for help and support when needed too! 

All for £49.99 per month FREE P&P UK only.  Worldwide shipping calculated at checkout. 

Imagine where you'll be in just a few short months;  by following some simple once-a-month kit with tools and products to really discover your curls with my support and advice.  

This CurlyBox is perfect regardless if you are new to the Curly Girl Method or have been following for a while. 

Don't worry once you've received all of the tools we won't keep duplicating them,  you'll continue to receive the CurlyBox full of products,  new arrivals, and items exclusive to CurlyBox subscribers. 

You can pause or cancel at any time.  You have access to CGM Club whilst you are an active subscriber.

Customer Reviews

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I wish I had found the curly girl method a lot SOONER

Hi my name is Taryn and I am a curly girl :)
I didn't always have curly hair. As a child my hair was thick and straight, no issues there. Until puberty hit and all went pear shaped. My hair first started to get wavy which i resisted because one i didn't know what to do with it and secondly no one else had wavy hair. All the pretty girls had straight hair. So my hair battle began.
I grew up when hair straighteners were only in hair salons and not easily bought especially in South Africa. Everything arrived there late lol..
I was very insecure most of my adolescent life having curls and freckles. But as I grew older I realised I was more than just my hair :) And then actually started to enjoy having curly hair. :)
I wish I had found the curly girl method a lot SOONER. It was during lockdown and I was frustrated with my hair routine, having to wash or wet it everyday! Not ideal when you have a 2year old and when it's cold and wintery. So during lockdown I started researching and found Heather's website. I've not looked back :) The method is great, love all the products!! I'm a subscriber so I've been getting boxes every month and I love trying out the different products and seeing a huge difference. I love that I can have dry hair after wash day and that my curls last (if I don't touch them) much longer!
My current favourite is casting queen!! Love the hold and love how it lasts :)
If you're looking for a new curly girl hair routine or products this is the place to be!