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Awards Night Collection

Not for the faint hearted ✨ This is a limited available collection live for just a few days.

Are you ready for this.... When I say I went ALL in with every weapon, technique and thing,  I promise i'm not over exaggerating.  I wasn't sure how to get this out to you'll so I've written it down step by step. 

What I will say is I layered everything thinly,  I didn't overload my hair but used the same amount of product I would usually use but did so with the patience of a saint layering and layering until i'd finished.  The nap was accidental BUT 100% helped because when you're head gets too hot,  your hair is hot,  you're in a fluster you end up touching your hair to get it off of your skin.  Your hair begins to frizz.  The NAP was KEY to cooling my hair to do a second round of diffusing! 

Let's get started:


Right way up in shower, fully wet my hair.

New Detox on my finger tips and applied to my roots only.

It was at this point that I remembered I did not line up my washday very well,  therefore leaving it extra days to wash it for the awards the tangles were narly! 

So,  Magic Curl & Wave Mask came out.  Applied from mids to ends.   

Left it a good 5-10 minutes.  

Detangled, with the paddle brush from mid to ends.  

Then applied Detox mid to ends, used the scalp massager, left it a few minutes. 

Rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse massaging as I went, behind my ears, nape or neck, crown, mids and ends.

I re-applied Mask as Detox is super Cleansing and I didn't want to create a frizz factory.  I always have a seesaw in my mind when managing my curls and I can feel if I need more cleanse or hydration.  I detangled fully now from roots to ends.  

Flipped my head upside down then.......


Cold water brrrrrrr (it's better to do this head over the bath than in the shower) but well I didn't and it was FREEZING!  This helps the hair from frizzing - I LOVE a hot shower!

Then I applied Leave In,  Casting Queen used my wide tooth comb to create clumps, making sure my head was fully over and the comb was going from the roots to ends.

Shake, shake, shake, the curls stick together to create clumps. 

Now I take our new Quick Dry Cloth, using just one half holding my hair from mids to the root ensuring i'm not disrupting the curl clumps!  You'll see the water leave but the curls stay the same.  Add Style It from mids to ends with wet hands, then Tame and do not take ALL the water out,  just enough.  By using only 1/2 of the cloth you'll get this right don't worry. 

Then I glazed over 3 + drops of Seal It for SHINE ✨ Plus it stops a cast creating.


Then I take our lush blue plop towel and plop whilst i have a quick shower max 5 minutes or your hair will dry too much and go stringy!

Using the Curl hair dryer & diffuser I hoover over my roots 15+ minutes,  then mids, back to roots,  flipping my hair from side to side to over to back.

Nap (i'm not even joking) was so overwhelmed getting ready for awards I laid my hair on a satin pillow case and napped for a solid 25minutes 🤣.

Back to work,  Style it on wet hands glazed over mids to ends.

Now cupping the hair from mids to roots,  then alternating tips to roots for lift. Flip flip flip flip flip flip. Diffuse til dry.


Tonic between palms a gentle scalp massage 3 drops gently, gently.

Protect it at night like your life depends on it!!! Coiled band, buff & Hair Claw for me! 

OBVIOUSLY I do not do this routine in my normal life,  where Tesco's is my version of 'getting out for a few hours' BUT if I am attending a wedding or event I go IN 100%.

I've created a collection for a limited time only here all of the products used are listed.  They are all products I've formulated, designed and manufactured specifically to give us banging washday results.  

Any questions ask away below!

Stay Curly, 

Heather x

Founder | CGMC™️ | CGM Club™️

All of the above tutorials are in the CGM Club too if you fancy re-visiting them or joining to learn how to master your curls at home. 


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Awards Night Collection


Oily scalp? Product Build Up? Clarifying and removing build up, is a vital part of the Curly Girl method for all curls & regular maintenance.

*Those exclusively using our products will not need to worry but if you have other products in your routine please check their ingredients list and exclude silicones, heavy butters, hair spray as these are not cg approved, learn more about how to read labels in the curly girl starter kit

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Co Washes and Conditioners

We do not use Shampoo here,  we use a conditioner wash = Co Wash for Normal to Dry hair,  Co Wash Plus for Oily,  Wavy or Fine hair.   Your first step will be our Curly Girl Method Starter Kit.

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Co Washes and Conditioners

Curl Safe Accessories

Stop crushing your curls whilst working out, wearing a winter hat or just getting it off your neck and being able to take it back down again and it look lovely.

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Curl Safe Accessories

Curly Girl Starter Kit Collection

Your first purchase should be a starter kit. Expertly formulated products, tools and tutorials all included. 

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Curly Girl Starter Kit Collection


Isn't always fun and whilst we promote the use of a wide tooth comb over brushes SOMETIMES that is easier said than done. It took me a long while to get there, my kits are here to help, and if detangling carefully with a gentle brush whilst your hair is on its healthier hair journey and coming back to full hydration - we are here for it! Technically we don't 'brush' our hair HOWEVER I'm a strong believer in small steps to big victories. In my opinion these give the most gentle 'brush' if you are struggling with finger detangling as I did.

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