Welcome to our community CGM Club of 278,000+ people just like me and you.

Let's rewind a bit.

I've experienced the same trials tribulations as you.

I struggled with my hair for years, resorting to excessive straightening and very, very short hair cuts to help me manage it.

But things have changed.

I'm Heather, the founder of the Curly Girl Method Club.

I started CGMC™️ to
inspire people to find confidence in themselves and truly love their curls.


On a hen do: I watch friends straightened their hair each night to go out.
I shared my quick, easy 5-step process, and most of us went out embracing our curls & waves.

I started my Facebook page helping others.
The following year, I wrote an ebook.
Now we are a community of over 1/4 million 😳


I created the first ever Curly Girl Method Starter Kit which now has over 11,000+ transformations.


I sold my flat to deliver my mission!


We became an Award Winning & curl care company.

For our 250k+ community, 10k transformations

Using CGMC™ products & CGM Club™ tutorials.

My mission is clear: I want everyone to understand their hair and share that understanding with others, so that future generations won't have to face the struggles we did.

I want to help you kick-start your own curly hair journey.

Every Curl, Wave & Coil matters.

With curly love,

Heather K

The Curls at Home Coach | formulator 👩‍🔬 CGMC™️ & creator of CGM Club™️ tutorials for your waves & curls.