What, Why and Who for?

Curly Girl Method Club

What, Why & Who For?

Curly Girl Method Club is the brainchild of Heather Kennett - a curly girl with a dream: to develop a hair care system for all types of waves, curls and coils. Providing those with textured hair a one-stop shop for all of their curly-haired needs; arming you not just with the products, but with the knowledge to make the most of your hair, thanks to our unique member’s area that offers how-to guides, hints and tips to make the most of your gorgeous curls!

The Curly Girl Method Club is for anyone who wants to enhance their natural curls, and is suitable for all hair types - from soft beachy, mermaid waves, to the tightest coils. Our team of curl-experts have done all the hard work for you, sourcing and developing silicone and sulphate-free formulas that will bring optimum health and beauty to your curls. 

Our Products

From our best-selling co-wash, nourishing deep conditioners and protein-packed treatments, to stylers, tools and accessories, we’ve got every aspect of curly hair care covered - and our personalised kits make it even easier! 

Whether you’re just starting out on your curly girl journey, or whether you’re a curly girl OG, our kits, ranging from beginners, through to intermediate and advanced are bursting with hand-picked products that we know, from experience, will fulfill all of your curly needs. 

And that’s not all - purchase one of our Curly Girl Method Club kits and you’ll get 3 months’  instant access to our exclusive CGM Club members area, where you can find product and styling tutorials and live videos, as well as take full advantage of our extensive curly knowledge!

It’s Not Just Hair - It’s a Lifestyle

The Curly Girl Method Club has members all over the globe, and they love to share their inspirational stories with us! Seeing our members embrace their hair after finding the method and products that have taken them from flat and frizzy to fabulous is the reason we do this, and we strive to do our very best to ensure that we pass on all the knowledge we have gleaned through years of trial and error to as many curlies as possible!

We share this wealth of information, not only through over 52 videos, tutorials and product write-ups, but also via our e-book - available free to club members - an indispensable, step-by-step guide to caring for your curls. Find out about moisture/protein balance, how to protect your curls while you sleep, and how to extend your wash day to second or third day curls, and beyond! We want to give you the confidence to own, embrace and rock your healthy, wild, amazing, incredible hair. Because it’s not just hair - it’s a lifestyle!

Why Our Customers Love Us!

When you join The CGM Club you’re not just getting a hair care system - you’re getting a whole curly support system! 

Via our exclusive members club and across social media, our CGM Club members have become a curly family - supporting one another, sharing progress photos, and celebrating each and everyone’s curls! 

And, you’ll find our team is at the helm, guiding you on your way and talking application techniques, styling tricks, and how to get the most from our products.

Exclusive Offers

Being a member of The CGM Club doesn’t just give you access to Q&A’s and our amazing curly community. It’s also where you’ll find curly competitions, and exclusive offers and deals that aren’t available to anyone else!

Signing up also gives you exclusive access to our member’s area - so make sure you don’t miss out on the curly hair tricks and tips that EVERYONE’S talking about!

Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Children!

We have!

Whether you’re a straight-haired or curly-haired parent, caring for a curly-headed child can be overwhelming and stressful! But thanks to The CGM Club there’s no need to brush out those curls or coils in an attempt to create society’s notion of ‘good’ or ‘neat’ hair! 

Your little curly can learn to love and embrace their hair with our Curly Kids Starter Kit. All of our products are gentle enough to use on even the softest curls, and it couldn’t be simpler to put together a hair care routine that will see their spirals and waves flourish, without harsh sulphates and silicones.

Plus, with access to our members’ area you can learn techniques and methods to avoid knots and tangles, as well as speak to other parents of curly-haired kids to share tricks and tips that will make your little ones love their hair from the get-go!

The Club That Cares

Here at The Curly Girl Method Club we do our very best to care not just for your curls - but for the planet too! 

We offer refill kits for our beginner, intermediate and advanced members, and all of our plastic and aluminium packaging is fully recyclable. We use only PET plastic, which is not only lightweight to transport, but strong and flexible - negating the need for additional packaging. It also requires lower energy to recycle than some other plastics, and if any were to end up in landfill (we urge you to recycle, curlies!), it won’t leach any harmful chemicals. 

We use only cardboard for our outer packaging and stuffing, and always repurpose materials such as bubble wrap if it’s needed. 

Join Us!

The first rule of The CGM Club is TALK about CGM Club - and thousands of you are! Our curly family keeps on growing, and we’d love you to join us and enjoy all the benefits of a range of products developed just for curly hair, and a community offering help and advice when you need it.