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August Newsletter 2021

August Newsletter 2021
Here at CGM Club HQ we realised it’s been a while since we treated you to one of our wonderful lists celebrating the fabulousness of curly hair!

So this month, instead of talking products and techniques, we’re going to remind ourselves of some of the wonderful reasons that being a curly girl (or guy!) is the best thing to be!

For many of us, embracing our curls, waves, and coils is the end result of a long love-hate relationship with our hair.

Our journeys are littered with heat stylers, straightening irons (ACTUAL irons in some cases!), Brazilian blow-outs and chemical treatments….all in order to ‘fit in’.

Well, these days we are getting noticed and standing OUT!!




And for all those haters who’ve ever made us feel that our hair was ‘bad’, or called us ‘poodle’ (or some other highly imaginative and intelligent nickname - yawn) - these are just some of the reasons we’re having the last laugh...

10 Reasons Curly Hair Rocks!!

1. We Always Have Volume
Remember those god-awful bump-it things from the 90’s that straight-haired girls would use to try and give their hair some volume?

Oh how we can laugh about those now! - we got 99 problems, but flat hair ain’t one!

Sure, us curlies can boost our manes even more with dry shampoo and other volume-inducing products if we want to - but the point is - we don’t need to!

‘Lank’ and ‘flat’ are VERY rarely a part of the curly girl’s vocabulary - so you’ll all have to speak up so we can hear you over the volume of our fabulous hair!

2. You’ll Never Live The Same (Curly Hair) Day Twice
A lot of curlies get frustrated that their hair won’t behave the same way every day - but if you think about it, that’s actually one of the BEST things about having curly hair!
Curls have a mind of their own, which means you can live your absolute best, wild and free curly life!

3. We Have The Best Accessories!
Of course our straight-haired sisters and brothers can rock a hair slide and an alice band too, but curly hair has that romantic, wild, stand-out-from-the-crowd aura that means you can literally pull off anything!

Want to stick a great big flower in your hair? Do it!

Bows? Butterfly clips? Sparkly things?

Yes, yes, and yes!!!

Want to stick it up in a crocodile clip, a messy bun, a high pony?

Why not?!

It’ll look awesome - every. Single. Time.

4. We Stand Out In A Crowd!
Curlies often struggle (especially when we’re younger!) with the desire to fit in with our peers!

And there’s always been a shortage of curly heroes to look up to within the media (although it is getting better), because, let’s face it - we’re a rare breed!

The CGM Club is dedicated to helping you embrace your natural texture and give you the confidence to wear your curls, coils and waves proudly!

Who wants to fit in anyway!?

5. Curls Look Good At Any Length
Whether you’re rocking long, loose waves, a tightly-coiled pixie cut, ringleted bob, or a gorgeous natural ‘fro - curlies ALWAYS look chic and stylish!

And that’s a fact!


6. We Can Go Longer Between Cuts
Our straight-haired friends absolutely need to keep on top of those 6 weekly appointments in order to keep split ends at bay and their styles looking fresh. Curly hair is SO much more forgiving!

Can’t get to the salon for another few weeks? Growing out an old style in favour of a new look?

Your curls will still look on point!

Decided to hack at it yourself due to lockdown or to save a bit of cash? The bounce and movement of natural curls mean that even if you’ve done a less than perfect job, no one else will even notice.

It’s like a super power!

7. Going Longer Between Washes
We all know someone with pin-straight hair who absolutely HAS to wash their hair everyday to avoid looking like an oil slick!

The nature of curly hair means that oils from our scalp can’t travel so easily down the hair shaft - so while this might mean our hair can be dryer than our straight-haired counterparts, a huge bonus is that it hardly ever looks greasy!

Goodbye daily washing - hello more free time!

8. We Are Hair Chameleons
Want to change up your look without spending a lot of money? It’s MUCH easier for a curly to straighten their hair than vice versa!

Want a completely different look for that party or wedding that’s coming up? Grab a flat-iron and job done!

The best bit is, next time you wash it you’re back to being a curly-haired goddess once more!

CGM Club understands how important it is to make sure your hair is in tip-top condition if you’re going to heat style it - so check out our range of deep-conditioning treatments so that you can pamper your locks afterwards.

9. We’re The Trend Setters!
Celebs like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Khloe Kardashian have been breaking Instagram recently with pics of them flaunting their natural curls.

Well, we’re sorry to say - you’re a bit late to the party ladies!

We curlies can simply flick our manes and sigh - #beentheredonethat (and if you want the t-shirt - you can have that too!)

10. With Curls You’ll ALWAYS Look Like A Total Badass!
The fact of the matter is - curls are beautiful! And if you rock them with confidence, whatever your texture, length or style, people won’t be able to help but secretly envy just how much you stand out.

Sure, straight-haired people might look like they’ve just stepped out of a fancy shampoo ad - but curlies can be whoever they want to be; whether it’s a bohemian babe, retro queen, or wild-haired temptress, curls are seductive, romantic, sexy, effortlessly cool and completely, 100% badass!!!

Remember - the first rule of CGM Club is TALK about CGM Club, so if you know someone who would love to join our family and would benefit from our tips, tricks and insight - let them know where they can find us!

See you next month curlies!!!