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Newsletter March 20

Newsletter March 20
Welcome to the CGM Club’s first newsletter, aimed at sharing with our members the very latest in curly hair news, tricks and tips! curls; all based on our years of experience in caring for our own curly locks! Here at CGM Club we want all our curly girls (and boys!) to embrace and make the most of their natural texture - whether that be loose mermaid waves, botticelli ringlets, or tightly wound coils, and whatever your hair type we have a hair care system that will help nourish and protect your

Every month we are going to be taking a look at a different aspect of curly hair, from offering tricks and tips, to letting you in on our drying and diffusing hacks, as well as sharing exclusive offers and information on our latest products - all to help you on your curly hair journey!

So slather on some of our Treat It deep conditioning treatment (this is the little blue glass bottle in every kit) , stick the kettle on, and enjoy CGM Club’s Guide To Good Curls!

CGM Club’s Good Girls’ Curl Guide

Being curly girls ourselves, we’ve learnt a thing or two about taking care of our waves and coils over the years - from trying out protein treatments and plopping, to understanding picks and diffusing….still confused? Don’t worry - we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to…

Do It YOUR Way!

The basics of the Curly Girl Method are to concentrate on getting our hair into the healthiest state we can, and more often or not this is achieved by cutting out all the nasties contained in commercial shampoos, conditioners and products that can coat our hair and over time lead to limp, lacklustre curls. As a rule cutting out silicones, parabens, sulphates, heat, and drying alcohols will allow out curls to flourish - and maybe even reveal ringlets and spirals you never even knew you had!

At CGM Club we promise to teach you everything we know about combining the right products, tools and methods, to ensure that no matter what your curly hair type, you will get results you love! And it’s so easy to get started! Our starter kit contains everything you need to begin your journey, and our ebook and video tutorials will help guide you through the process.

Once you’ve mastered the basics and your hair health and curl pattern is restored, upgrade to our next kit, and learn new methods and techniques through the club for continued curly hair health and growth!

Moisture Is Your Friend

For bouncy, springy curls, moisture is key - too little and our hair becomes dry and frizzy, making it difficult to style properly, or even to detangle. Every curl type, regardless of porosity or density, needs to be well moisturised in order to reach its full potential. However…

It’s A Balancing Act

Sitting opposite moisture on the curly seesaw is protein, and at CGM Club we know the importance of balancing the two, too much moisture can lead to hydral fatigue. But what are the signs?

Hair doesn’t hold a curl
Hair feels heavy and limp
Hair feels mushy

Adding some protein will help restore structure and support to your curls, adding strength and eliminating the spongy frizz that too much moisture can cause. We understand that the whole moisture/protein thing can be difficult to navigate, which is why we at CGM Club have included moisture vs protein tests with a video that is included in our get started kit.

Remember, Your Hair Is Unique!

It’s always worth remembering that what works for one curly girl won’t necessarily work for another - even if our curly types, density, and porosity are the same. Our hair can be affected by variables such as hormone changes, the weather and climate, or even a haircut can drastically affect our curl pattern.

The key to keeping your curls in great shape is to recognise and embrace those changes, and adjust your routine if need be to accommodate our hairs changing needs.

Allow Me To Clarify…

If you’ve already watched our Cleanse & Clarify video, you’ll know how important we think it is to regularly clarify our curls! A clarifying wash is NOT the same as shampooing, but it does deep-clean the scalp and hair in much the same way, by removing dead skin cells, dirt, and any product build-up that may have occurred. This is critical when it comes to keeping your scalp healthy and promoting hair growth, and leaves hair feeling lighter, bouncier and fuller.

At CGM Club we have developed our 3-in-1 CoWash +, that is free from sulphates and silicones, and clarifies, cleanses and conditions in one easy step! Find out more HERE!


At some point, probably in the not-too-distant past, all curlies have attempted to dry brush their hair, leading to frizz and breakage (you’re cringing with shame at the memory now, right?), but now we’ve learnt that that is a big no no!! Curly hair should always be detangled while it is thoroughly saturated, and smothered in lovely slippy product!

Always use your fingers, or a wide-toothed comb and start from the ends first, gently teasing any tangles, before moving on to the lengths and roots.

Don’t Skimp On The Products!

The amount of product you use to encourage your curls to form will be different for everyone, and it’s often a case of trial and error, but, as a rule of thumb, you want to hear that delicious product squelch when you squish your wet curls.

This scrunching motion of your wet curls with products will form a cast around your curls and keep them protected and moisturised while they dry.

To Diffuse Or To Air Dry? - That Is The Question

We at CGM Club think this is a personal choice, and for those who are short on time or have hair that takes forever to dry, air drying just isn’t an option. If you use a hairdryer be sure to use a diffuser attachment so that the air isn’t concentrated in one area, and try to stick to a low heat setting.

A top tip is to concentrate on the roots first, as they take the longest to dry, before moving on to your lengths and ends.

Scrunch Out The Crunch

Now for the fun bit!! Remember all those wet-look gel-laden curls we rocked in the 90s and how cool we thought we all looked? Yeah those are long-gone, thankfully! Now we know that we need to break that ‘cast’ around our curls in order to reveal the glossy ringlest and coils inside!

Deep Condition

Still got that ‘Treat It’ working its magic on your hair? Good! Never underestimate the benefits of regular deep conditioning to improve the elasticity and strength of your hair, as well as promoting hair growth. At CGM Club our kits all come with our ‘Treat It’ deep conditioning treatment, and our ebook will explain how to test how often your own curls need deep conditioning.

Have Regular Trims

If not done regularly, split ends can travel up the hair shaft and cause you to lose length, as well as dragging your hair down and making your curls lose their shape; and after all that effort you’ve put in getting your hair as healthy as possible, you don’t want to fall at the final hurdle! If you are going to book in at a salon, particularly if it’s a total re-style you’re after, we would recommend finding a stylist who is used to working with curly hair and to ask for a dry curl-by-curl cut, although lots of curly girls (including us!) prefer to give our own curls a little trim to keep them bouncy and free from split ends!

And there you have it, our quick Good Girls’ Curl Guide to making the most of your gorgeous curls! For more hints and tips look out for our next newsletter, or log onto our website where you’ll find more information on our products.

And remember, the first rule of Curly Girl Method Club is TALK about Curly Girl Method Club! We love to hear your feedback, and we love it when our members help spread our message to all the curly girls of the world. Curlies, unite! Let’s embrace our uniqueness together!

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