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 Dry Finger Detangling



What is it? - It's controversial,  love it, hate it or gift it to a neighbour. 

Why? - Because as part of the Curly Girl Method we no longer brush our hair, BUT - sometimes that is easier said than done. It took me a long while to get there, my kits are here to help, they contain everything i've every used and will use in a year so whether you need it or not its here.

What does it do? - Technically we don't 'brush' our hair HOWEVER i'm a strong believer in small steps to big victories. In my opinion this is the most gentle 'brush'.  if you are struggling with finger detangling as I did.

When should I use it? - When Co washing with the aid of lots of water and co wash to help the tangles.

Detangling Do's and Don'ts.

Getting your hair detangled can be an arduous task but lets discuss the things that will help!

Firstly, leave detangling to washdays. Don’t dry brush your curls in between washes.

How often should you wash your hair you say? Well, a good regimen should be weekly, HOWEVER there are a lot of factors that can change that: Climate, Working Out, more oily scalp, etc. Don’t be afraid to wash and detangle as often as you need to.

Soaking wet or spritz? Well, if you are using a treatment pre wash day then go right ahead and detangle! You could apply your treatment and have fabulous slip to detangle.

If your hair is fine be gentle. Retaining length is most at risk of breakage when detangling:


- Always detangle wet or damp

- Always start at the bottom and work your way up

- Use a Conditioner with great slip! Our Co-Wash is super Slippy!

- Use the running water to help you

- Part your hair in a middle parting and tackle your hair in three sections. Left, Right and Back.

- Most of all patience and care in the process

- If you use our tools in our kits the scalp massager is fantastic to get the knots and tangles.

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