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The Curly Girl Method Club is for anyone who wants to enhance their natural curls, and is suitable for all hair types - from soft beachy, mermaid waves, to the tightest coils. Our team of curl-experts have done all the hard work for you, sourcing and developing silicone and sulphate-free formulas that will bring optimum health and beauty to your curls. 

New to CGMC? We recommend you start with our Curly Girl Method Starter kit. Inside this best-selling kit you will have EVERYTHING you need to get you started... taking you from CGM newbie to a Pro in no time at all!

And when you buy our starter kit you will also get 3 months instant access to our exclusive CGM Club members area, where you can find product and styling tutorials and live videos, as well as take full advantage of our extensive curly knowledge!

The Method

Want to know the step-by-step process of when to use our products and which hair accessories you can use to get the most out of your curls? Scroll across to find out!

0. Whoops

Use for your 1st wash to remove any residue of silicone and wax-filled products left from your previous hair care routine.


1. Co wash

Use in place of your regular shampoo. In need of deep conditioning? Use mixed with our treatments treat it and seal it.


1+. Co Wash+1

Offers a bit more cleansing and clarifying than our standard co-wash, helping to bridge the gap in the transition phase.


2. Leave In

A leave in conditioner that can also be used as a co wash or use mixed with our treatments treat it and seal it.


3. Style It

A weightless formula that instantly freshens up the feel and appearance of your waves and curls between washes


4. Tame

A frizz tamer perfect for transforming your curls from frizzy to defined. Its weightless formula is suitable for all hair types.


5. Wide Tooth

Our wash-day wide tooth comb helps create curl clumps and is available in pink marble and tortoiseshell


6. Scalp Massage

Tackle dry scalp and manually remove dirt and product build up when co washing with co wash or co wash +


7. Plop

Our hair wrap dries your hair quickly, keeping your hair in place... so much faster than an ordinary towel.


8. Refresh Bottle

Revolutionising the way you refresh your next-day curls and or style right side up. It gives a continuous spray,  just fill with water.


9. Band

Our signature coiled bands are essential to protecting your curls whilst you sleep in a pineapple without crushing your curls/waves.


10. GCM Club

Find product and styling tutorials and live videos, plus take full advantage of our extensive curly knowledge!