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Curly Girl Method Safe products: free from silicones, sulfates, drying alcohols, most are vegan, protein free & coconut free.

Heather’s how to start the Curly Girl Method Club

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Starter Kits

Your first purchase should be a starter kit. Expertly formulated products, tools and tutorials all included. 

Build your kit unique to your waves & curls by adding products and tools you need below:


Whilst it doesnt come in the initial kit because not everyone suffers with frizz. Tame is the best selling holy grail essential item for MANY of our customers.


Are your regular products and routine not showing results anymore? There are 3 types of treatment required every 1-3 months: Deep ConditioningClarifying & Protein” How often you need to do these treatments is defined by your hair test results by the hair tests you took included in your Curly Girl Starter Kit

Deep Conditioning for Dry Hair

Curls feeling dry? Deep conditioning is a vital part of the Curly Girl method for all curls & regular maintenance to help condition & gets to the root cause of frizz.



Oily scalp? Product Build Up? Clarifying and removing build up, is a vital part of the Curly Girl method for all curls & regular maintenance.


Curls and waves not holding or are dropping out between washes? Protein treatments create that bounce & spring in your curls & waves and is a vital part of the Curly Girl Method for all curls & regular maintenance.




Isn't always fun and whilst we promote the use of a wide tooth comb over brushes SOMETIMES that is easier said than done.


Whether you love to plop, airdry or diffuse the tool matters - here are our carefully selected options that reduce frizz and maintain curl clumps and its covered in CGM Club

Great wash day? Let's keep it that way!

They can be used in combination to longer lasting wash days and heavily reduce frizz.

Next Day Curls & Waves

Here you'll find everything you need to breathe life back into your next day curls again.

Curl Safe Accessories

Stop crushing your curls whilst working out, wearing a winter hat or just getting it off your neck and being able to take it back down again and it look lovely.



Whilst our kit comes with a soft hold gel you may like to experiment with something called creating a cast, a hard shell when it dries and use Tame or Seal It to break the cast when 100% dry resulting in fabulous hold and defined bouncy curls. 


Flat hair, do care? Create volume in your washday & with your next day curls to go from day time hair to going all out!

Product Application & Styling Tools

Make the most of the 5 product application videos and these tools to see which your hair loves the most and which gives you the best results


Self Care

Not just for curls! Pamper yourself...


You'll receive instant access to over 4 hours of tutorials for 3 months when purchasing a Curly Girl method Kit or you can subscribe for just £3.99 a month keeping access for as long as you need it. Save scrolling youtube for hours with every aspect of wave & curl care in one place in our CGM Club tutorials accessible on our website or in our app - available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

From Newbie to CGM Pro for just £3.99

How to Start the Curly Girl Method, assessing your own hair type, Managing the look of frizz, Deep Conditioning , The key to next day curls, Refreshes & Next Day Curls, Hair up, then down then up again?, Oily Scalp & Build Up, Knots & Tangles, Creating a Cast & SOTC , Pump Up the Volume, Protein vs Moisture , troubleshoot your waves & curls, 5 Different more advanced products applications to try and MORE! Cancel at anytime.