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Bio: Heather K | The Curls at Home Coach | Founder of Curly Girl Method Club, CGMC™️ & CGM Club™️

Hey I’m Heather,  The Curls at Home Coach and Founder of Curly Girl Method Club, I have created and grown a a global brand with a 250K online community of women who look to my hair care range CGMC ™️ and tutorials named CGM Club ™️ to fast track their path to fabulous healthier, frizz-less curls so that they can enjoy predictable hair days embracing its natural form rather than fighting against it - and find confidence in showing up as themselves. 

I help women with frizzy, poofy, dry, limp, fine, thick, wavy, coarse, and more master their curls at home.

I’m driven to do this having spent my youth hating having big wild ginger hair, and feeling uncomfortable being different - losing hours of my life, and much of my confidence, to trying to tame it. In recent years I’ve mastered shortcuts to success and easy routes to unlock curl confidence and have spent years developing bespoke products and processes that help solve many of the problems. I’ve now made it my mission to empower and educate others globally, to change how they feel about their hair too.

I talk openly about the struggles I've faced being online and the trolling I receive on a daily basis,  however I have learned to continue to create content to help others with unwavering success.   

I formulated a range of curly hair products CGMC ™ to deliver what's needed within the marketplace and I have designed and manufactured conditioners, stylers, combs, brushes, towels and everything a curly haired girl needs.  I have created CGM Club ™ tutorials to help people master their own curls and waves at home.  

I have directly helped over 8,273 people so far who have ordered from my online store to transform their curl confidence.  I have reached over 4 million weekly across social media rewriting the feelings about our hair and the experiences we've had that got us to the point of straightening it or cutting it short just to 'fit in'.  

Winning this award would help me achieve my vision and mission further: to continue to reach and empower as many wavies and curlies all over the globe to love themselves wholeheartedly and provide the help needed to make that a reality for all. 

As a business woman who gave up two other businesses within recruitment and property to solely dedicate themselves fully to this mission I am proud of being self taught and building a small team who deliver on our mission every day.  

It’s a real pinch me moment that we ship our products globally, shipping every day to every area of the world.  All from a little idea that I could help people who have hair like me  have had experiences like I have and hopefully stop the future curlies and wavies going through what we have to get here. 


Blog posts

Curly Girl Method Club

It’s Not Just Hair - It’s a Lifestyle

The Curly Girl Method Club has members all over globe, and they love to share their inspirational stories with us! Seeing our members embrace their hair after finding the method and products that have taken them from flat and frizzy to fabulous is the reason we do this, and we strive to do our very best to ensure that we pass on all the knowledge we have gleaned through years of trial and error to as many curlies as possible!

We share this wealth of information, not only through over 52 videos, tutorials and product write-ups, but also via our e-book - available free to club members - an indispensable, step-by-step guide to caring for your curls. Find out about moisture/protein balance, how to protect your curls while you sleep, and how to extend your wash day to second or third day curls, and beyond! We want to give you the confidence to own, embrace and rock your healthy, wild, amazing, incredible hair. Because it’s not just hair - it’s a lifestyle!

Why our Customers LOVE us!

When you join The CGM Club you’re not just getting a hair care system - you’re getting a whole curly support system! 

Via our exclusive members club and across social media, our CGM Club members have become a curly family - supporting one another, sharing progress photos, and celebrating each and everyone’s curls! 

And, you’ll find our team is at the helm, guiding you on your way and talking application techniques, styling tricks, and how to get the most from our products.


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