February 2022 Newsletter

February 2022 Newsletter

Curly Girl Method Club

February Newsletter

Hi curlies!

It’s the month of hearts, flowers and overpriced chocolates, and this February we at CGM Club HQ want to show all of our curly girls (and boys!) some love - which is why we’ve revamped our website and launched a new Curly Girl Method Club collection just for you!

Read on and discover all the new ways we’re showering your curls with love this season!

Let’s Start With Our New And Improved Curly Girl Method Club Website!

We’ve always been proud of our website which showcases all of our exclusive CGM Club products - but this month we’ve taken it to another level!

Our new filters allow you to search for products not just by product or hair type, but by what you’re looking to achieve, how long you want to spend on your hair, your particular curly hair issue, and even by price if you’re still watching the pennies after the festive season.

Want to learn how to create a cast and SOTC (scrunch out the crunch)? How to do a basic wash and style? Or even how to start the method?

Simply click on ‘Learn How To’, make your choice, and our website will select the perfect range of CGM Club products for you! It couldn’t be easier!

Suffering from frizz? Is your hair dry? Dull? Or just not holding a curl as well as you’d like? 

Select our ‘Hair Issue’ filter, tick the box or boxes for the problem/s you want solved, and voila!  - we’ve found the right combination of products and tools to help!


Make Your Curly Journey Even Easier With Our New Curly Girl Method Kits

We’ve always given our lovely curlies the option to choose our products individually and discover what works best for your and your hair - and that hasn’t changed!  But for those of you who aren’t too sure which co-washes, stylers or tools are right for you, never fear! 

At CGM Club we’ve done the hard work for you by creating our exclusive new collection of Curly Girl Method Kits - perfectly tailored to suit your needs. 

Our kits offer a  full step-by-step guide to your healthier hair journey and include all of the essential products and tools you need to get started, as well as our ‘get started’ tutorials, our ebook and emails to help keep you on track!

Not too sure where to start? Head to our ‘By Product Type’ filter and select ‘I don’t know where to start’ (we like to keep it simple here at CGM Club HQ!) and you’ll find kits to suit all budgets readily selected to get you started. 


Is your hair fine and wavy? Thick and coily? Coarse and Curly? Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect CGM Club products for the kids?

Our website gives you the option to select one or more hair types from our list, before showing you which kits are going to give you the best results! From our ‘Wash, Style and Create A Cast’ kit:


….to our ‘Kids Kit’


This is our Valentine’s gift to you - making caring for your waves, curls and coils as easy and enjoyable as possible by putting together the perfect range of products and tools to suit your specific hair type and needs. 

If it’s been a while since you’ve checked out our website, or you’re running low on your favourite stylers - head on over to https://curlygirlmethod.club/ (did we happen to mention we’ve got a cheeky little sale on some products?!) and pick yourself out a little pressie! You deserve it!

Don’t forget to let all of your curly friends, family, neighbours or random curlies you meet in the street about CGM Club - help us spread the word, and we’ll spread the love!

See you next month!

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