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Step 5: Buff reduces frizz whilst you sleep

Step 5: Buff reduces frizz whilst you sleep

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Perfect for those in pursuit of longer lasting curl days!

A long, wide, stretchy fabric tube.

Directions for use: Use this at night to protect and contain your curls. Open the tube and pull it over your head leaving it on your neck like a scarf. Then pull the it back over your head to cover your curls, like a tall hat that keeps all you hair in place.

Carefully remove in the morning, fluff & go!

Benefits: Protects your curls while you sleep, offers great volume.

Can be used in combination with the pineapple technique using our coiled bands.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Slips off!

I love this Buff so much but it slips off my head during the night. I’ve tried to secure it with clips and it’s not staying on! I wish it would just stay on!!


This is amazing. No more flat frizzy bed hair. My curls look great in the morning with no effort at all. I can go much longer between washes thanks to Buff.
The curly girl method club products have totally changed my relationship with my hair. I now love my curls and get lots of compliments. Thank you

Giovanna Bezzina
Lovely long buff

Very comfy, great for wearing at night and stays out. and great colour.

Great product

Great product, it definitely helps my curls last longer.