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Step 5: Satin Pillowcase reduces frizz

Step 5: Satin Pillowcase reduces frizz

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What does it do? - The smooth silky fabric absorbs less moisture and less friction compared to a cotton pillowcase. Keeping hair hydrated and reducing frizz whilst you sleep.

Great if you're focusing on length retention and hair growth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christine Riches

This is the 3rd of the beautiful pillowcases my granddaughter and I have had. Lilia loves the pink. She is a everything pink girl. We both love the softness of the pillow case and it helps look after our curly hair. No more bed head for us. The wash lovely and the zip keeps the pillow in place . We love them. Thank you

Hey Christine,

It's so heartwarming to hear that Lilia, the everything pink girl, is a big fan of the color. We're super glad the softness is hitting the right notes and that they're doing wonders for your curly hair – no more bed head, yay!

And a big shoutout for noticing the little things like the wash-friendly feature and the zip keeping everything in place. We're truly touched by your kind words.

If there's anything else you'd like to share or if there's ever anything you need, we're here for you. Thanks a bunch for being a part of our community!

CGMC™ Customer Support Team

Satin pillow case

Lovely product ! I love that it zips too to keep it secure ! Has made a real difference to my curls !

Kelly Haughtey
Silk pillowcase

Game changer!! Will never use anything else to sleep on! Massively eliminates frizz