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October 2021 Newsletter

October 2021 Newsletter

‘Tis finally the season for pumpkin spice lattes, cosy knits, comfy boots and cute bobble hats - and for some of us the start of better hair days as the humidity drops. Hurrah!

Of course, for others, the drier weather can do just the opposite and a change in products or routine might be in order!

Whatever your curly routine, and whether you’re someone who has to switch it up as the seasons change or not, one thing is certain for all of us - clarifying could be key.

But why? This month CGM Club is going to find out... so let’s clarify why we clarify

You might already be rolling your eyes and wondering why on earth you need to clarify your curly hair when you’re using our fabulous CGM products instead of products that have silicones or mineral oils. Well, it’s because there’s more to clarifying your hair than just removing yukky product build-up.

All day long your hair comes under attack; everything from the traffic fumes when you walk to work, to when you’re sweating it out at the smells ...not to mention whatever else is floating about in the air that might attach itself to our lovely locks! Over time, these contaminants can make your hair look really dull - so if you haven’t clarified recently and you’ve noticed your curls are lacking a little shine, this could be why! Let’s look at some other reasons to clarify!

It Cleans Your Scalp - It’s easy to forget that under all of those waves and coils there’s skin - and not cleaning your scalp properly can lead to all sorts of problems.

But fear not, curlies, we have a solution!

CGM Club’s oily scalp bundle includes our best-selling Co Wash+ (a bit more cleansing and clarifying than our standard Co Wash), as well as our popular Detox treatment and scalp scrubber to properly clean that curly head of yours!

It Can Brighten Up Your Colour - we all love that freshly-coloured look and feel don’t we - but it can look dull and less vibrant over time. Clarifying your hair with your Co Wash+ can really bring out the colour of dyed hair - even if it’s not been coloured in a while!

It Can Prep Your Hair For Styling - I don’t really want to say the ‘S’ word - but if you ARE going to straighten your curls, giving them a clarifying wash first will give you a fresh blank canvas to start. The same goes for up-do’s, braids etc.

Clarifying your curls will remove any dirt debris or product build-up that there may be, and add movement and shine to your coils and waves. Whether you need to clarify once a week, once a month, or even just as the weather changes, really depends on your hair....but if you’re not already doing it, why not grab a bottle of Co Wash+ alongside your normal CGM Club Co Wash and give it a try!

Unleash some new life into your curls with a clarifying wash and enjoy light, fresh, vibrant hair! See you next month curlies with more knowledge, tips and tricks!!

Thank you for reading...


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